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Here are my thoughts, life has taught me that if you give anyone an inch, they'll take it, life has taught me that anytime anyone else wrongs me in any way, it's up to myself to figure out what I did wrong to even allow any wrong.

On this particular topic, my advice to anyone is that you're responsible for you, and 'yours' in regards to well being, and standing strong. I say this, as our world is quickly changing, learn to defend yourself, learn to not speak in anger, but only with purpose.

Moving to this sort of mindset, it won't matter too much what, or who, or 'it', being around you; as you're prepared.

I do believe our current world is will force a great awakening, where by people will really grasp that they're on their own, and they need to use those long forgotten Critical Thinking Skills, and learn to use their Personal Responsibility; otherwise, learn to bend over, and carry lots of lube.