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Someone's testing the waters to evaluate public preparedness.

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I would agree, but have been noting 'testing' for quite a while. It could still be a 'test', but at some point, I'd think their test(s) will go live.

What would the benefit be? Eradication of a lot of useless eaters/pond scum; say the retired, and the disabled living on fixed incomes; they don't have the money for excess. If they died 'tragically', then we could build monuments, and 'remember' them, while the govt walks away debt free from the obligation.

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a food shortage would at-least encourage people to be more self sufficient. Always good to have some fruit and veggies growing in the yard or even in the house if you don't have a yard.

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Aquaponics. We bought a couple towers on the cheap, and they put out a lot of food for such a small footprint.