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I just read where in San Diego, a son, saved his father from a home robbery. The father was stabbed, and the son shot the robber. Wasn't it San Diego, where they decried that you cannot have your firearms handy for emergency(seriously not sure which city)?

Whether that instance, or this gender piece, it makes Henry Makow's article a little more easier to swallow:

I've never cared for Henry Makow stuff, but in the interest of exposing myself to many viewpoints, I read his stuff here, and there; many points of the linked article, 'touched home'.

I mean in fact, the world we live in, seemingly redefines up from down, left to right on a daily basis. At the very least, it's a pattern to pay attention to; at face value, coincidences are one thing, but continued patterns are another; which should bear a greater focus to concentrate; for forward thinking/reaction.

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Interesting. I think there is a lot of trying to "right the wrongs" which is a good impulse. But people abuse that, and abuse people's sense of empathy that comes along with it, and it's instead used as a tool to push agendas and conquer others.

Compassionate people being hoisted on their own petards. And it sucks because the "obvious" way to fix this is to become unempathetic and cold, which so many have done in response. It's a lose/lose for the average person and those in power know it.

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I agree on many fronts. I've delved down the 'fix it road' many times, and it comes back to comprehension. I don't have an answer, as I see a real dilemma being comprehension of any given topic at any IQ.

An example:

While their fix may seem ridiculous, is it? I see it as true "Fuck the establishment, I'll find a way", The observer's obviously 'got it', and loved it, yet as many would think, 'how stupid'.

The bankers know all of these angles, and count on them. They pit one another against each other on silly none issues. Of course there are serious issues, and the oligarchy with their magic cause all of us to ignore them.

As for myself in all of this; I do know, I'm just watching, and witnessing the turd bowl flush, and pointing out the different swirls... lol

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Agreed. People's emotions cloud their ability to think clearly. Our media makes us hyper-emotional, and that clouds our judgement.

And this is no doubt intentional.