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Doxx, dox, dox, dox, dox; what will be the real end result? Real violence. The idea is simple, shut up, don't have a voice, or everyone will know where you live, where you work, blah blah, fucking blah.

Here's the real 411, a lot of folks have jobs that don't care too much about what they have to say; just saying. Another fallout from this, is there will be people that really shouldn't be messed with; meanwhile others will find ways to arm themselves.

Just a vicious cycle; all while the puppeteers laugh, encourage, incite, and jeer the common idiots tearing themselves apart.

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Can I just say to conservatives that us on the left feel the same way about those Antifa wacko's as you everyday conservatives feel about those on the Alt-Right?

They say they are part of the left but we keep our eyes down and dont make eye contact with them either.

Spread their shame.

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I hear you, and I think that most are literal agent provocateurs. I was just reading about an Asian man, Andy Ngo, who was beaten in Portland by 'Antifa'. I guess he was an Asian Aryan(joke).

Here's what I think, it's been proven at least good enough for me, that the raging, and totally concealed under 'garb'(faces covered) anarchists claiming to be antifa in this case, or other depending on the 'subverted' industrial complex need(that cause all the shit), are actually the cops.

I don't know about now, but there was a time not long before our current insanity(again I believe planned), that people were outing those folks as cops......

They're always the fringe minority, the cops let go to ravage, and then national headlines label it as the act of any 'entire said group'........ You can actually pick left, right, or those in between(still thrown into a group). (They let these few go, while other footage of them harassing, and arresting someone else for doing little in comparison)

I think that's the cause used for the effect of growing continual increased tensions for common people. Often times the net effect, I think, is people crawl into 'their own safe place', so to speak, where by discourse, communication, and middle ground discussions are shut down. (Arguing takes a lot more energy than just finding internal peace.)

Looking at it from bread, and circuses, no one likes losing, everyone wants to be part of the winning team; the industrial complex uses this basic principle as we all know to divide, and conquer. There doesn't even need to be a winner, and it doesn't have to be clean, there just has to be enough chaos so that the masses cannot see the puppeteers manipulating from above.

There also is a degree of 'genetic knowledge' I think within people in times like these; where by not being on the 'trademark, and approved' right side, means death, or one hell of a lot of suffering. (The industrial complex exploits the fear of death, for greater team participation.)

Yet, people fall back to their 'home teams to cheer', why in the fuck??? When the outcome never changes, the corporate agendas keep going.

An easy example, take global warming, or now as it's known as climate change; I guess that's because it still snows, and temps aren't doing what the corporate master Gore said they would do..... I think there's something definitely up, but what exactly?

I don't buy into carbon destroying the planet, but I see pollution, and know it's bad. So why don't we concentrate instead of picking on the small guy once again, 'you, and I', why don't we go after the corporate slave bastards, and end the global mega ship trades?

It's easily researched, I believe it takes less than 13 of those massive ocean freighters in operation for a single day, to pollute more than all the cars in the world over a given year period. Now, this is something I researched a while back, and the numbers I'm sure have changed; perhaps purposely, but those ships do some major polluting. Not only that, they cross contaminate by organisms hitching rides, they destroy local businesses. They also hurt a lot of sea life like whales as well.

Why don't we go after those ships first????

I can tell you why, the global industrial cabal, would lose their centralized power. If all communities became more, or at least regionally self sufficient, then think of all the transportation pollution that would cease to exist! But, again, it would loosen the death grip they have now; where by our animals are shipped in their last days across to Asia, to be butchered(can you imagine how horrible that voyage must be, then put to death; I eat meat, but want clean, and meat that was of I guess pure spirit), and processed, then shipped back; there's no efficiency there, only the saving of money by low paid, or literal slave labor.

I mean, I'm all for fucking change, let's rock this bitch, but if we keep letting those god damned Command, and Control fuckers feed us not only the topics we can discuss, but also the confines of the narrative there in, this damn 'my team wins' will never cease.

They want teams, and division, I personally, well I'd just like to be left alone, but if I could, I'd like to see 'we as a whole united'.

Yet, the topics, and narratives have been set for so long; there are literal ancient corporations running things.... There are literal made up corporate last names today; people don't realize this, but true. One example, if I remember right is Giovanni/Genovese; these were power players around Genoa several hundred years ago. They were actually several families, that created a corporate charter, and then assumed the corporate last name.

That's the shit we're up against, and it's real. They play our psyches like true magicians.

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I see a MEME floating around every once in awhile that goes something along the lines of : "Remember when it was leaked that corporations and the 1% were hiding money in offshore accounts and literally nothing happened." It's that stuff right there that gets me. It's not the news we hear - its the news that we barely hear. or dont hear at all. It gets a little blurb somewhere and then we are back to being distracted by how much Trump is spending while Golfing.

And its amazing to me how many of us on "Opposing" sides of political lines have the same goals for completely different reasons But we hate each other for other 'such and such reasons' so we will probably never come together for the things we do agree upon.

I feed into it, I know I do. But honestly the thing that freaks me out more than anything right now is our division.

You know I love to shitpost my weasley black guts out, but the lines that are getting drawn in the sand these days are freaky. The division is working and I cant say I'm never part of the problem. But I see a post from a guy that says if "Blah blah happens I cant wait to start killing liberals or libtards" or - pick your race

We have Americans openly talking about killing other Americans because their side told them that the other side hates Americans. And meanwhile Patriots on both sides want the same things for different reasons and we will kill each other over it.

Does it not make you want to cry?

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I've thought about addressing this since reading it; regarding wanting to cry, well, I'm very saddened at what I see happening. You hit the mark with how the division lines, and lack of communication are culminating. I do believe this is by design, and I think it would take a miracle to stop the 'teams' from trying their hardest simply to win; regardless of right, or wrong.

I mean, our 'god', truly almost everyone's, is that greenback paper in your wallet, or pocket; after all, it says it right there, 'in god we trust'. Call me quacky, but I do believe that phrase written on a Fed note, really was an intentional subtle psychological squeeze towards where we're at today.

I guess I'll keep trying to at least I guess moderate. Violence, I mean real violence that can maim, hurt, or kill is something that's not easy to recover from, whether victim, or perpetrator. I know it changes everyone, and that's not really the world I want part of.

The thing I wish people would ask always, is 'who benefits'. We actually don't have to 'go after anyone', as the change necessary at least for myself for a better world is on a personal level. No, I don't drive a prius, and never will. I drive an almost 30 year old diesel truck; it gets 17mpg, and when something breaks, I fix it. The parts are basically all at this point 'rebuilt'. I'm also dabbling in alternative fuels, and biodiesel. I see this as the most efficient conservation, and protection of the environment. I'm keeping something already made, going in good condition.

What I'm really doing, is breaking the Consumer Paradigm, they need all of us to play into. I do this across the board, if it's a new car, it's always used. If it's a new dog, then it's from the pound; one thrown away by monsters, salvaged, and made whole again. Food is the same way, I don't buy the commercial farm stuff; where cruelty, and lack of spirituality fall on deaf, dumb, and evil eyes, and ears. Fast food??? Fucking forget about, it's all corporate owned, with varying amounts of bug, rodent, and other allowable shit for my eating consumption; worse yet, I know the same people pushing that poison, are the same ones that own the pharmaceuticals, and the AMA. They want all of us, sick, fighting, and most of all consuming; 'until death do we part from the bigmack, I guess'.

I mean look at the oil companies, look at BP, they keep 100% of the profit, but all their fuck ups, the spills, the debt of clean up, is always 100% socialized. Same goes for the banks, they keep 100% of the profit, but god damned, they're too big to fail; so 100% of the debt, again socialized.

That's not showing a need for greater socialization, that's showing a need of all us to stand up, and state clean up your own messes. BP, should be out of business along with all the other oil companies that We the People have had to clean up after. Their assets should've been frozen, then socialized the raw material under all of us, and simply lease out the taps.... Companies would make money, people would make money, and a fund set up for proper management of future spills. Let this be the lesson to other 'too big to fail fuckheads'. I'll guarantee you, things would change.

Yet instead, they trick us into distraction by way of fighting each other in 'controlled arenas', we fight only on the topics they 'ignite', and in the given set of narratives they allow. I note any deviation by the public, in buying into 'their' shit(yes, generational multinational cabal of heirs), usually makes a desired agenda goal go away for just a smidge of time, and then they hammer all of us again when the argument, and facts surrounding it have dulled in our thoughts; 'Earth as it stands today, is a global slave plantation, and unless you're one of them, then by default, we all as seen by them, are the pond scum lining their paradise shores.' .... So fuck them, and yes, if we don't meet across lines, and discuss to comprehension, then we will kill ourselves, and they'll win.