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I guess this explains why people are using MMS against autism. I thought they were fucking nuts, as I thought Autism was a problem caused in the brain, but I guess, 'huh'.

On that note, a very close family friend, is 75, and he is antibiotic resistant. He had an Urinary Tract Infection, and the doctor basically said, that once fever kicks in, he'll be admitted to Hospice.

So my friend thought to hell with it, ordered up the MMS components, and carefully dosed himself. Not only did his UTI clear up, but also a skin rash. And again, he was told 'when fever kicks in, you'll be admitted to Hospice'...... I'm not sure what he told the doctors, as he specified he didn't tell them he used MMS, but that they think he's a medical miracle.

I looked up MMS, and it's like the skull and cross bones of death; at least by way of search engines, and is demonized in almost all media. Interesting all the way around to me.

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Autism is a problem caused by the brain and this problem can be caused by high fever, which is pretty common for freshly vaccinated infants. People/Parents will act as if high fever would be something "normal" for infants, but it isn't. The newborn brain gets damaged from the burn.

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We don't even remember the day anymore when science went too far for the first time. Now we are getting used to it.