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Honestly, that's the very best advice ever, and very intelligent, and brotherly to tell the officer who shot the woman.

However, how hypocritical; po-lice are trained to interrogate, and they're in need of their quotas for performance reviews. Meaning, you'll never hear the majority of po-lice, state, 'don't say anything', to anyone. Instead, know that by communicating with them beyond what's necessary, not only maybe used against you, it'll be spun, and added with a little more shit on top.

Po-lice do operate off of at least 2 sets of books, the criminal code, and the internal department policies; my point in mentioning this, is that only one do we have access to. You can learn about the internal 'get you' department policies online, where by you can learn from general people, how the po-lice mingle charges like a cocktail, in order to meet their final quota in whatever way.