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Allowable pride; the image is correct, all pride, except for white folks is allowed. Why?

In today's revisionist history, whitey is bad, whitey is evil, yet everyone wants to live where whitey is, why?

In today's world, we only hear of the American black slavery, never mind there were white slaves, never mind the history of slavery for all races is as old as recorded record, never mind the blacks that were taken to the Middle East, like the whites were butchered, never mind there were Irish slaves sold globally at the same time blacks were, never mind today's slavery is the most in numbers ever, never mind that there were black slave owners, never mind that other countries like Brazil carried the practice of slavery into the 20th century, never mind that a 13th amendment citizen makes us all slaves, never mind that slavery is alive in and well being used by blacks in Africa up to this day(remember the bride auctioned on facebook for cattle?), nevermind all of that shit. Why can all groups have pride, but one?

The world, and society has a long way to go in healing itself, yet we're still in the fuck it up, and ruin it stage; perhaps forever.

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How did this "pride" issue become a slavery issue?

Gay pride has nothing to do with slavery.

For most minority groups, invoking "pride" equates to a lack of shame. Accept yourself, and own your identity like a boss!

"Gay Pride" = Don't be ashamed of being gay.
"Black Pride" = Don't be ashamed of being black.

Historically, "White Pride" has been a statement that was used to suggest that non-whites were inferior. The other "pride" statements are not intended to marginalize other groups.

The damn Nazi's, slavers, and segregationists messed up the white "pride" claim for everyone.

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Then call it white acceptance and the slogan can be "it's ok to be white"

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It's considered racist for a white person to say 'it's okay', it's also racist to state, 'all lives matter'.

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Yep. It's ok to be white. Always had been. It's still net positive.

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The truth is that anything with the word white in it is basically a non-starter. Hurts, but it's true. The word itself is toxic (not that minor things like IOTBW aren't helpful but you can't organize a movement around it, it's literally infrastructurally impossible).

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There's only been one single half-white president (Obama was half-white, mostly white). The rest of the presidents, all white.

White is still on a roll...

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Go show me the white people's club then.

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  • The US presidency.
  • All European governments.
  • Almost all of Wall St.
  • Almost all Western billionaires (plus Oprah, who behaves whiter than white).

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None of those are a white people's club, and half of what you listed are accused of being Jewish institutions as often as they're accused of being white ones. As for Oprah, she once said that the solution to racism is for all the old white people to up and die (nice).

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and half of what you listed are accused of being Jewish institutions as often as they're accused of being white ones.


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but why? Why should any white person, bow down to being labeled a nazi, or worse should they 'have pride'?

I mean, groups like the 'proud boys', are labeled a white extremist, or white separatist, or white pride group, but the only reason I know this, is because I looked them up, because the leader is I think black, and after research, the group has all colors, yet officially it's labeled 'hate'....

So, who labeled it-msm, and why-steer agendas.... at least that's what I see. I mean it looks like a diverse group, I don't care if it was, or not, but to label it what they have, I literally see insanity.

So, I guess I could be rambling, but the slavery from a pride poster is easy, all groups can have pride of their group, but whites; why? As you posted, we must pay for the banker's boogie men of bygone eras.

Whites cannot have a swastika, but the Jews, and all of Asia, and Japan can have it.

I think the word I'm looking for is, 'collective punishment'... .on that note, my family fought the nazi's, I guess I should go make amends for the Jews.... Oh shit, now I caught myself, as I'm a little bit.....

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but why? Why should any white person, bow down to being labeled a nazi, or worse should they 'have pride'?

It's not about bowing down and being labeled a Nazi. It's about the fact that the "white power" message already has multiple meanings, and most of them are viewed negatively (by most people).

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I can't deny what you write, but it still reeks of subjugation; the idea of equality through subjugation really doesn't work to well, but in reading this thread, I'm writing up something that will obviously not go anywhere, but I think could be a great working solution.

The reason it won't go anywhere, those in power, need us divided, yet spouting unity. The idea of what works, is in their view tantamount to murder; as it would give people I think a sense of calm....soon to write.

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I'm don't necessarily disagree with your sentiment.

However, the term "white power" has an abundance of unwanted baggage.

Anyone who wants to rebrand "white power" as a positive and benevolent concept has an uphill battle.


Additionally, the "white" demographic has plenty of power.

"White power" is in many ways recognized by many as actually meaning, "Moar White Power! ...and less for everyone else.".

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I'm basically indifferent to it as well. What 'gets' me, is I grew up with integration, and I really lived, and live it; yet, the standards that I was raised with, seem to be something like most things in life; with a hypocritical, or lacking edge.

On that note, I did detect a little sarcasm with your post, I mean you described the poster, but it got me to thinking, about the premise of encouraging labeled minority groups for a better self image. What I don't think would sound good, is 'gimpy power', or 'disabled power', or 'retard power'. I mean, lol, that doesn't seem to encourage very well.

I agree with you on the very word, 'white power', but I end up stuck thinking when comparing it to the idea of disabled people, which somehow, someway end up as one of the +++ on the silly lgbtq to infinity bandwagon; yet what disabled person signed on for that.... pride through an acronym with +++ and power attached lol.

The world sure seems like a meat grinder a lot.

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The reason is cultural envy. It is indeed very stupid, but in the end of the day, we all are nothing but brutal apes in pants and you can bring the ape out of the jungle, but not the jungle out of the ape. Apes from different tribes will always agressively check out which ape has biggest banana and at least one of them will always claim that all the bananas belongs to him. If withey becomes too shy to fight for his banana, there will be enough other apes to grab it faster than withey can look. On the public world stage he is acting like a dog that was beaten for something he forgot. It's all well staged and prepared, somewhere there is someone sitting above in a high castle, looking down waiting for that beaten dog to bite, but not because of anger, but because of confusion. It will trigger a final war to complete the plan of destroying ethnically homogeneous nations. This new world doesn't need tribes and nations anymore, hell, not even family as it used to be - it shall be a reign of corporations and consumers instead with nothing in the middle. Just banana factory and slave apes working for those. You can't force that on independent people with strong bonds to each other, that's why allies fought Hitler's third reich, that's why there are ships full of foreign people getting sended to Europe, that's why there are mainly young men in these ships, that's why whitey gets told that he cannot haz pride, because (((they))) still fear whitey to rise and smashing his whitey fist into the plan like he did almost 100 years ago, that's why you get told to "never forget", that's the whole reason why we still have this topic daily shat into our brains trough media as well.

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I find relevance in the dog remarks; I've noted that the entire American populace is treated poorly. It reminds me(I assume you), of different methods of dog training to bring out the aggressive side.

On that note, I do believe the American populace is being groomed for some sort of guerrilla combat. I've been in 'gun culture' all my life, and in my early 20's my interest just turned off.

If you look back at legislation to ban guns, all they ever did was raise the prices, and demonize more, but let the arms flow; now we have things like the flightlight scr, and with a binary trigger???? The gun debates have been a ruse; likewise, all the prepper encouragement??? I was watching 'Six feet under', it's a series from the early 2000's; in it, they're 'prepping' in season 4.

Conditioning, but for ? perhaps that war you mention, but with the deliberate preparation of a large chunk of the American populace??? Why, who, and what for?

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You still ask why? It is meant to disempower the people, that's why. If you send fuckloads of poor and under-educated individuals with criminal background from the most exploited shitholes on earth to the wealthy and well-educated countries with people who still try to hold on an independent state, then it becomes predictable that these very people will see their empires fall. It works like an infection. And the process takes place over decades now. People believing they had a chance to escape from that on their own with some provison inventories are very naive. You can "prepper", but there will be no "big bang" over night and even after the final step in the times of war, they can hardly rely on that, it will be taken away by military or their resources will be depleted after a while and then what? You can buy a gun and food in cans, but when the last one is empty, so will be your hands.

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I seriously question that the Western world was anything, but a created mess. My looks back at Western history sure seem on par with what we have today, but in different ways necessary for the given times.

On the note of duration of said mass agenda, yes, I agree it happens over a long period of time, but at least to myself, I've noted just from time, and life experience that it seems like an entire society can be rewired in as little as 7 to 15 years. From there, I don't think long term pograms have exact dates.

As far as the prepping in America, that again, will it be taken, or what was the purpose for the astroturf'd 'prep campaign'? The stuff guns, food, and fuel hoarded by I assume hundreds of thousands, or millions of Americans, will either rot, or be used by someone for something.

In the sense of this taking place over decades, which I agree with, it somewhat leans away from a bloody conflict; I mean the training, the indoctrination are working across the board.

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Prepper encouragement, I think, is just a result of post-911 nihilism.

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There's always been a 'reason', that 'movement' goes back a while. A simple example of what I'm talking about, is back I think in 1972, a guy was lecturing the college circuit about his book. The book was called, I think, "The 50 dollar underground home", or near there.

I read that book, in 1972, this guy thought the world was ending, and made arguments somewhat like we read today. Think about that for a second, there have been 'doomers', or not the same, but 'preppers' for a long long time. Kinda makes you wonder about relevance of things.

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Prepper alarmism probably originates from nuclear strike concerns.

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Or fundamentalist zealots, my mind is seeing those people who ring the bell, and state,'the end is near'... I mean heck, that's straight from god, lol!

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slavery is alive in and well being used by blacks in Africa up to this day

The implication being that currently slavery is openly practiced in majority black countries. You should post pictures and population statistics to go along with that.

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Literally the first result on google when you search for "slavery in africa today"

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Literally fuck Gulag, and literally fuck your search results. This will not suffice as supporting evidence.

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I live in Haiti, and I can tell you slavery is more common here than it is in most places in the world.

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Do you not remember that woman auctioned off as a bride in exchange for cattle, and other goods? It was held on facebook, don't remember?

And what of anything else I mentioned?

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I would also like to add, that I reread your post, and mine, if you construed from what I wrote that all of Africa promotes slavery, I never said this. I sited a single example of a woman posted to facebook in what I read, auctioned off, to the highest bidder; which did boast some impressive number of animals for the sale. I don't think it's cute, funny, or kind to auction anyone off.

Aside from that, yes, through the years, I've read that global modern slavery is through the roof by way of numbers. I've heard that many folks are used as slave labor on fishing boats, and other 'bfe' sorts of places where they cannot easily find help, or rescue.

There's also the modern organ trade that's very popular, and those are stolen; same thing to me.

Let me ask you a pointed question, and if so, then please provide a very easily comprehended reason why.... Are you white, and why do you personally believe that you are dangerous for having pride?

I personally believe that to tackle true racism, is at the personal level across the board. I also believe that to truly hate, is ignorance at it's finest.

This thread isn't click bait, and it's not trolling, I'm looking for clarity. It would seem to me, if we have to disable any group, to make other groups feel 'accepted', then the entirety of said group, must be dangerous at a personal level; each, and everyone.

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Are you white

people assume so

why do you personally believe that you are dangerous for having pride?


This thread isn't click bait, and it's not trolling,

everything on social media is. the picture is supposed to be funny, but racial conflict is very unfunny.

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Oh boy, you maybe white, and you've got a 'not' for the response for yourself; I assume you see yourself as not dangerous?

To address the last, you write, "everything on social media is. the picture is supposed to be funny, but racial conflict is very unfunny."

If you think this is click bait, then adios, the picture was never funny to me, and racial conflict is an awesome tool used by the cabal; twist it, turn it, shape it, and a little while later, they've got chaos, we've got shit, and well, in the end, their children win; last I checked, you, and I, and all other colors mixed with all the white pleebs matter a whole ton of nada; we get stuck with chaos.

I know where you're coming from, a white knight always ready lay down on your sword for others, but why, and at what cost? You've read Sweden is leaning towards banning Viking Runes, and more because history is bad, right?

When does it stop? When does anyone engage to say, enough is enough? You can play 20th, and 21st century rainbow shit, but as long as we force groups to subjugate, then it'll turn into a '1984' continual warfare shit fest.

If you really stop to think about what Orwell wrote, or other simiilar authors who may of been a little in the know, the main point to keep control of society was to have perpetual wars, but any sort of conflict will work in kind.

Thanks for participating.

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I know where you're coming from, a white knight always ready lay down on your sword for others, but why, and at what cost? You've read Sweden is leaning towards banning Viking Runes, and more because history is bad, right?

stfu retard

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You, sir, have fully convinced me you are an idiot.

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stfu retard

Is that the level of your intelligence? A forum is a place to discuss, learn, share, and grow, and you've got one sentence(if lucky) ignorant responses followed up with stfu retard. We can only discuss the approved mainstream non hate(their label) filled narratives, as those are 'safe discussions'?

Again, when does it end? Haven't you noticed, on a daily basis, there is less, and less we are 'allowed' to talk about because it 'offends' someone. I'm watching youtubes now, people are using descriptive phrases in place of 'buzz words', as they feel to say xyz word in the manner they're discussing it, that they're video will be erased, or worse their hard work, and channel removed, for saying whatever it is.

Think about that for a moment, private people, that live on this Earth like we do, and are brave enough to talk about tough topics on air, yet they're forced to behave like children because there's literally a 'Deep Nanny State'. How Twilight Zone!

Let's discuss you're motivations, and participation in this thread. I assume you're only point in this thread was to disrupt, and I would further take that thought, that your idea in disruption was a means to 'muddy up the waters', on what you're preprogrammed to think must be bad hate topic. Yet, when I'm trying to show you that's not my intention, I get, 'stfu retard'.

Is retard kind, or politically correct? In my case, I've been called that for how I walk, how I move, and in my brother's case, well he's a straight up retarded, but we don't call him that, as even though numerous people have, he kinda realizes, so I just call him by his name, but others refer to him as 'special needs'..

I think you're lacking a little in logical debate sawboss. And on that note, I appreciate your opinion, or that of anyone. I really think only those that can face their biggest fears, angers, hates, and cross other crucibles can truly know themselves well enough to have independent thought.

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Is that the level of your intelligence?

Probably. What's it to you, retard? After all, you're the one who threw the first insult. Take it like a man.

A forum is a place to discuss, learn, share, and grow,

In your dreams maybe. Forums are used to accumulate social power, coordinate social engineering actions, or distribute porn. We aren't supposed to share porn here, so what's left? Oh yeah, there's a karma system.


I'm aware of the censorship there. They've almost got free speech locked out. If someone says a "naughty word" in a livestream they get shutdown within seconds. I've seen it happen live on several occations.

I assume you're only point in this thread was to disrupt, and I would further take that thought, that your idea in disruption was a means to 'muddy up the waters', on what you're preprogrammed to think must be bad hate topic.

That's actually fucking stupid. There is a need for deeper examination of assertions or allegations offered without supporting evidence. I requested such, and you took that as an opportunity to start shit with me. Fuck you.

Is retard kind, or politically correct?

Do you care? No? STFU.

I think you're lacking a little in logical debate sawboss.

No shit? Wow.

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That's actually fucking stupid. There is a need for deeper examination of assertions or allegations offered without supporting evidence. I requested such, and you took that as an opportunity to start shit with me. Fuck you.

Sawboss, you've actually been very informative in this thread, literally by way of not being able to communicate effectively beyond insults.

The OP, listed several points. Yet, you take a single point out of several; which had continued exact context to what I was speaking of, yet act as though the rest wasn't there in (parenthesis), and misconstrue for what net gain? From there, at any point trying to engage you, to find out where you're coming from, and why, all you do is either insult, or fail to communicate effectively with everyone; it's very telling of what I would think a subconscious trigger on certain subjects, as learned by social indoctrination.

I mean you're 'argument', is 'shut up', 'retard', 'assholes', or straight up, lying; as what you tried to pass off as my words, was just your own creation as it lacked full context; how strange, yet telling of one's lack of ability to engage in any meaningful synthesis.

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not facebook

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not facebook

You realize that this is a forum for discussion, or debate, or just shooting the shit, right? The link below, via google, to CNN about FACEBOOK.

Facebook under fire for posts on auction of child bride

QUOTE: "An auction was discussed on the social media platform for a girl aged 16 or 17 in South Sudan that sought payment for her hand in marriage. Facebook said the post was taken down as soon as the company learned of it, but that wasn't until after the girl involved was married. According to children's rights organization Plan International, the girl was bid on by five men, some of whom were reportedly high-ranking South Sudanese government officials."

EDITED TO ADD THIS PORTION: "Activists are concerned that this auction -- for which the father reportedly received 500 cows, three cars and $10,000 in exchange for his daughter -- could inspire other families to use *social media sites to receive larger payments."*

Should these African's not share in black pride because of slavery, or is this part of their pride? I would like to add here, that like whites, not all blacks are the same; there are differences in culture, and I guess more, not sure. I do know that the black folk I grew up around, had their I believe it was 'clicks'

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Should these African's not share in black pride because of slavery, or is this part of their pride?

"Black" has significant cultural and historical meaning.
I don't think that Africans consider themselves "black" in the way you're staying it in relation to their skin tone.
"Black pride" is an African American term.
I don't think that Africans who move to the US are considered African Americans.

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Take a moment to look at the tongue, and brain twisting circle jerk we're forced to maintain today. An African that moved from Africa to the United States, could be described as 'African-American'; see how it can get ridiculously confusing?

This isn't by mistake, at least by way of some of the 'founders' of the USA. I believe Patrick Henry, and others made mention of the word games. I know I've got 2 Black's Law Dictionaries; one is modern, and one is older, a lot of the definitions are the same, but some that I think count, have seriously been changed.

Imagine applying modern defined terms to the documents still in force that were created with a different meaning... Shift this over to modern politically correct speech, and well, there you go... A simple example is rap music's use of Latin word for black. When young black people use the word no problem, when a young different color person, white, or other, it's offensive. That's actually fine, but I note that it's usually people that truly embrace black culture, as in they identify with it, that bear the brunt of their own interests, or identity.

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You realize that this is a forum for discussion, or debate, or just shooting the shit, right?

It isn't used that way.

Should these African's not share in black pride because of slavery, or is this part of their pride?

Ideally I should not have to care. If they ask my permission I'd tell them no.

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It's pretty clear that the Sudanese who auctioned his daughter off to the highest bidder benefited greatly from the facebook media attention. While the actual auction didn't happen on facebook, the site aided in driving the price for a living human being up so high, that the fear was that all Sudanese, or others would be using it as a promotion tool.....

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Or it was a PsyOp to manipulate public perception.

That would be my guess.

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The auction wasn't real? Modern slavery is a real thing, or do you also say psyop to that?

PsyOps don't leave links, but then again, most people think there's an approved link somewhere all the time.

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It doesn't need to be real or fake to be a PsyOp.

It just needs to be viral so that is noticed.

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It isn't used that way.

Oh shit, we've got someone who doesn't know they're participating in a thread in a forum.....

I've read countless posts on this site, people all stating they want to make a 'difference', that they want to perhaps steer public debate with I would presume ideas discussed.

I actually appreciate the negativity, and lack of any meaningful commitment on your part for this. It's given me an idea, on furthering an idea, that will probably go nowhere, BUT, it's a positive idea at a means to realize equality, void of any subjugation of any group, which by way of common sense, isn't real equality.

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I mean it's not wrong. You can pretend it is, but it's not.

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The other lesson from the pic is that these are all United States issues

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These issues affect us all. We're all affected by the US empire.

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But racial pride is a matter of self-identification.

No Rwandan is gonna identify primarily as 'black', any more than an Ulsterman would identify as 'white'

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that's a decent point bringing up Rwandans, just like white, not all black is the same. I cannot remember which country over there it is, but all businesses are owned by the black folks from the country next door. The nationals of this particular nation, feel as though they're all family, so the custom is to give all your stuff away; so they end up with nothing, and foreigners running the businesses...

I wish i could remember the country.

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Great point! I agree, yet at the same time, have noted out of the country, a good majority of this crap isn't even news elsewhere. Now, for clarity, I've not been out of country for a long time now; perhaps things change.

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Now this I agree with. I've spent a great deal of time outside of the USA, on my own. This shit seems to be only in the good ole' USA, so what gives?

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The rest of the world is full of ethnic conflicts, like Georgians fighting Abkhazians, Somalis fighting Kenyans, Kinh fighting Degars, Hutus fighting Tutsis.

The idea that 'white' and 'black' and 'Asian' are things to be proud of only makes sense in one region.

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Great Incite!!!!!

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Okay assholes, that's not fucking funny.

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do you know how unsanitary it is to have shit up your penis

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Wikipedia is not a very reliable source. It can be edited by anyone.

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you forget the Biggest and Baddest and BEST PRIDE of ALL

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This is the best Pride of them all!


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Ah shit, that's what I was going to write about. It's true!!!!

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👌🏻 OK Hand Sign With Pale Skin Tone Emoji

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Isn't that the international symbol of making someone look at your croch?](

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I want to add something in here, that's somewhat interesting if you ask myself, I went to a geneticist due to a life long disease I have. It felt very much like America's planned parenthood when starting out(from reading), or Nazi eugenics somewhat(from reading).

The doctor was nice, but outside of my disease, she was noting my skin pigmentation, ear size, lip size, all sorts of other 'one-offs' she mentioned as she went along; all of this shit, once used by 'the evil doers', (and then noted by the allies) of eras gone by, still do the same shit.

It was really fascinating how archaic it was, yet modern day. If you cannot handle an unbiased discussion, as some cannot, just stay out of the thread.

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The eugenics movement faked it's death, and is making a comeback.

This is a fact.

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Yes, yes, yes, I posted about it, as to myself, a political correct nation, is one that truly turns it's back on many things that should seem blatant. We as a whole are trained into believing false narratives often, and/or also conditioned to shun away from others; even going so far as to attempt derailing.

I have to note Sawboss in this regard, he added very little other than proof that what I would assume is a liberal leaning trait to use; which is void of discussion quality material, they resort to some seriously fucked name calling. I mean sawboss appears to defend the mainstream PC narrative, yet in his attempt at doing so, he called names, 'retard'; which is entirely beyond irony in my case.

I've noted many people that lean to the left don't fail at cutting low; where as opposed to conservatards, that I've had some serious debates with, on average don't.

For clarity, just pointing out my own personal experiences; no link.

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You folks take Wikipedia too serious...