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QUOTE: "The parents said they had supported their seven-year-old child’s transition, going as far as to change their legal status to that of a girl, including ordering a new passport matching the child’s new identity. When the three-year-old turned four and was sent to school, he was sent in wearing a girl’s uniform despite the school “expressly asking” the parents to stop him doing so. The investigation came after concerns arose that the parents were “actively encouraging” the children to change genders and had “manipulated” them. It was later found that a third child fostered by the couple had also experienced “gender issues” while staying with them."

I call child abuse on this, but then again, when this he she becomes 18, maybe between trying legal booze, sex, and war at that point, maybe they'll truly be happy, right?

Any thoughts, debate?

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That's child abuse.

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just that easy!

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They're letting a three-year-old who still hasn't learned not to pick their nose in public decide to transition?! These people are deviant.