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QUOTE: "The many broad and contradictory notions of capitalism serve no analytical purpose, but they do seem to serve a political one: encouraging students to associate capitalism with everything bad in human history. Although there are certainly many scholars who openly advocate socialism, the majority of historians, at least, still dance around the topic. When pushed, they are likely to acknowledge that communism was an abysmal failure. The new strategy is not to positively agitate for socialism, but rather to vaguely suggest “alternatives” to capitalism, while broadening the definition of capitalism to apply to quite literally everything except full-blown socialism."


"These terminological problems have gone largely ignored because sound historical analysis is not the goal. The true aim of these “scholar activists,” as many academics have begun calling themselves, is to propagate socialism by redefining capitalism to encompass every evil of human history. They typically avoid advocating any specific economic system at all. They only want people to think about “alternatives to capitalism.” But with their broad, and often contradictory, conception of capitalism, it is easy to recognize the “alternative” they have in mind."

I was talking to a local county commissioner in regards to a young man in the planning department who was trying to figure out how to restrict property owners more. The commissioner said, they would handle it, and they're finding the need to 'deprogram the new college graduates, as they're all socialists'. I find what the commissioner said, along with this article, very interesting.