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Swedish Journalist Caught on Social Media Celebrating Notre Dame Fire

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QUOTE: "If indeed we have just witnessed simultaneous arson attacks on the Christian and Islamic world’s most iconic buildings, the logical suspects would be people who hate those two great schools of universal monotheism in general, and universal monotheism’s messiah Jesus in particular. (Islam and Christianity agree that Jesus is the messiah, revering him and his mother the virgin Mary; while Judaism despises Jesus as a bastard and his mother as a whore. Obviously the Jewish “Messiah,” then, will be the Antichrist.) Anti-universal-monotheism ideologies, which might be termed the ideologies of Antichrist, include atheism, Satanism, humanism, materialism, and at least some varieties of Judaism. Extremist believers in these ideologies have long colluded to wage covert war against Christianity and Islam under the banner of freemasonry."

"The last time French churches were under this kind of attack was during the Illuminati-driven French Revolution. Is something similar happening now? Was it just a coincidence that Paris’s other great historic church, St. Sulpice, burst into flames on March 17, less than a month before the blaze at Notre Dame? And how about the hundreds of other French churches that are being attacked on a daily basis? 875 French churches were vandalized in 2018 in a wave of organized terrorism by “radical secularists or anti-religion groups” according to French civil rights activist Ellen Fatini, quoted in Newsweek. Meanwhile Satanists and other anti-religion ideologues, not white nationalists, are burning American churches too. Holden Matthews, a Satanic music cultist recently arrested for burning historic black churches in Louisiana, is just the latest example. "

It's a long read, but it pieces together some very interesting information. I was particularly shocked towards the bottom of the article by the photo of the bus, and caption on the side.

Any ways, I'm open to discuss, debate, or perhaps do some collaboratively thinking.

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Remember, Buddhist statues were—supposedly— attacked a week before the churches and hotels. So that is three major religions.

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QUOTE: "One may reasonably ask: What would be the perpetrators’ purpose in torching Notre Dame and al-Aqsa at the same time? Doesn’t such brazenness effectively tip their hand? Indeed it does; that seems to be the point. As US Army Intelligence officer Captain Eric May repeatedly pointed out before his untimely demise, and as SK Bain eloquently explains in The Most Dangerous Book in the World, the Zio-satanic-freemasonic criminals “tag” their work in the same way that small-time gang-bangers do. But instead of spraying graffiti, the big-time gangsters use symbols and foreshadowing, including “predictive programming.” Jason Wilcox explains: “In 1977, an article by Vincent Salandria entitled ‘The Design of the Warren Report to Fall to Pieces‘ was published. It suggested that the Kennedy assassination was a ‘transparent conspiracy,’ that is, a conspiracy hidden in plain sight. Clues were left behind, as if they wanted us to know.” According to May, Wilcox, and others, elite criminals “tag” their work not only as a boast, and a signal to their colleagues, but also to inculcate learned helplessness in the population: “We can do it right out in the open, in your face, and you can’t do anything to stop us.” And so the message of the simultaneous fires would have been: “We can burn down Notre Dame in plain sight. Al-Aqsa is next.”"

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Speaking of JFK, there is a question I've asked here before but never got an answer to. My buddy is a lawyer in Houston and he says that in Dallas' Dealy Plaza, just beside the place where JFK died, is the first Masonic Stone laid in Texas. Can someone confirm or deny this?

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Don't know.

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Like pre-plaza?

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de molay, the templar grand master was burned facing the notre dame. on his own request. and al-aqsa is on the temple mount, the templars are named after, but it was a small fire

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QUOTE: "If the fire really was an accident, it is almost impossible to explain how it started. Benjamin Mouton, Notre Dame's former chief architect, explained that the rules were exceptionally strict and that no electric cable or appliance, and no source of heat, could be placed in the attic. He added that an extremely sophisticated alarm system was in place. The company that installed the scaffolding did not use any welding and specialized in this type of work. The fire broke out more than an hour after the workers' departure and none of them was present. It spread so quickly that the firefighters who rushed to the spot as soon as they could get there were shocked. Remi Fromont, the chief architect of the French Historical Monuments said: "The fire could not start from any element present where it started. A real calorific load is necessary to launch such a disaster"." source: