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Firefox rejects free speech

What? That's a huge exaggeration.

The message from Mozilla seems automated and the deletion of the plug-in could also be a misunderstanding or a mistake and since Mozilla hasn't even responded to this i wouldn't say "They hate free speech , they want to censor us all !!!1!11!!1!1!"

I know that Mozilla has done some similar things in the past but the people on Twitter are completely overreacting.

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Last week, they turned the extension into spyware. Look at the code.

Posted here on Saidit.

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What of all the chatter where it looks like, 'he said, she said'. The different links have people saying, 'yes it is, and then 'no it isn't'.

I'm guessing you're either a programmer, or a hacker, I'm a novice. What you wrote is striking though to think about, can anyone turn any source 'code' into spyware, and no way to stop it, or do you think dissenter is purposely tracking people?

I'm also wondering what are the real implications of spyware. As I said, I'm a complete novice in regards to 'code', or even computers. All the big tech companies, or apps, they demand all our private information, and sell it. The scandals of google, or facebook don't seem to stop. I keep finding out how both were, or perhaps still are doing things that seem intrusive; like google's location always being on when turned off, or facebook tracking duolingo sign ins?

I still use google, I still use facebook, but I don't use this computer for anything but web surfing due to that.

Does that make sense? My question?

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Read from this line. See that it's making a GET request in the background. That is, I believe, triggered on page load; you can verify it by getting the extension (not recommended outside a VM – just in case) and seeing whether the comment counter comes up within a second of loading a page.

Anyone can turn source code into spyware, yes. Anything can be spyware. If you're letting it run on your computer, it has access to all the information that your computer does and, realistically, could be shipping it anywhere.

I don't know whether Dissenter is tracking people. I do know that they can, and whoever controls their servers can. I also know that they set this to be the default option, which is a big no-no. Any cool features that compromise people's privacy must be opt-in only.

To me, Google and Facebook's unending scandals aren't scandals; they're how the companies have always made money (except very-early Google) and should already be public knowledge. The location-tracking is a scandal, almost, but the sign-in tracking isn't; you're obviously, literally saying "hey, Facebook, I'm signing into Duolingo! Tell that evil owl who I am," and Facebook remembers that.

Get Friendica. It's to Facebook as email is to letters, and it talks to Mastodon, Pixelfed and, to an extent, Prismo. Also get DuckDuckGo or Searx: the former has bangs, but the latter has Google results.

Ironically, using the computer for stuff other than the web would be safer than using it just for the web. Web-only computers are what Google and Facebook want – look at Chrome OS!

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Thanks for the explanation. A lot of food for thought in your post. I comprehend forums to a degree, and user end stuff of computers, 'okay', but have never delved very far beyond that. I've got other interests that I value more, and so spend my times there, and am glad there are people that study computer tech.

I basically feel, like any interaction on the computer is open for all to see. I remember when TOR was the rage, other people in other forums, were like, 'load it dude, you can go anywhere, and not be tracked', but I knew caveat emptor is a real thing, and didn't have anything, or anywhere to be that needed secrecy, so I stayed away.

Then all these guys started being tracked with TOR from what I understand, and didn't the silk road guy get tracked via TOR?

Then the Chrome OS, my old computer I used Mozilla, I go into the computer shop, and buy a new one, the guy says, 'don't use mozilla, it's crap, and has all these vulnerabilities'..... Yet, I read you, and others who state Chrome is bad.

The idea of Dissenter, and apparently Gab are taboo in todays world, and all I thought they represented was a means to state what, and how you feel without worry of being erased. I like seeing what others think, and where their minds are at in our world.

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but I knew caveat emptor is a real thing, and didn't have anything, or anywhere to be that needed secrecy, so I stayed away.

Thing is, you never know what things you say now may be used against you in the future. Plus every person who doesn't try to practice privacy ends up weakening it for others via the "Well they have nothing to hide, so clearly you have something to hide" argument

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Very true statement you make.

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and didn't have anything, or anywhere to be that needed secrecy

Come on. Are you sure? You're OK with everyone you know – each individual person – knowing everything you do? If so… I'm jealous of you.

That "tracked via TOR" thing is something that only somebody with loads and loads of resources can do, which they can only do by controlling loads of nodes / hijacking individual computers / other methods I'm not listing here because I don't want to tell people how to do these things. It'll protect you from Google somewhat, and Facebook slightly more, but not from the NSA. (I think it was the NSA? One of those US governmental organisations.)

Firefox is better than Chrome, generally. It's not pushed as much, but fewer people are attacking it and it's run by an organisation that doesn't want to sell you. (Though Mozilla is being paid off by Google to include Google as the default search engine, etc., so change the settings as soon as you get a new Firefox.)

I don't see why Dissenter and Gab would be taboo. Are they really? Dissenter has a couple of problems, but I'd still use the website (if I cared about what other people think, and wasn't just a closed-off narrow-minded sort of person) – just not the extension.

If you want any other computer questions answered, hit me. I'll explain as best as I can, but keep in mind that I, like all others, am biased in my answers. Like that Firefox v.s. Chrome thing: I know that my personal bias was coming through there. I mean, I'm Right™ about that, but still.

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I posted the article, and don't know shit about code. The reason I posted was simple, let others make up their own minds.

My experience with dissenter is that it did allow you to leave comments about stuff across the internet. It seemed especially brilliant for the MSM sites that don't allow comments anymore.

I've clicked into differing articles on the subject, and I read, 'he said, she said'. I see the dissenter folks saying, not us, and then Mozilla saying, yes it is.

I don't know anymore on the subject than this. It seems the word that does fully express the current day of the Internet would be 'censorship'. People are scared of being censored, hence even this site; so my question would be, a.) is dissenter crap? b.) are there any alternatives, and c.) when, and how should people react in your opinion to possible censorship online?

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lol, shill

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Ad persona attack, classy!

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cryin like an sjw, classy

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Leave here, please. If you're not going to follow the Pyramid of Debate then you shouldn't be on Saidit.

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go backout shill, freedom of speech. your the one who shouldnt be on saidit

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This is Saidit's Terms and Content Policy.

If a person is caught repeatedly dragging discussion in a downward direction on the Pyramid of Debate, they will be removed. If a person is caught repeatedly dragging the quality of discourse in an upward direction, they're highly valued!

You're repeatedly dragging discussion downwards. You should not be here if that is what you want to do. You have three choices:

  • Improve
  • Leave
  • Be removed

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fakenews, freedom of speech, i havent drasgged anything down, you have, so go backout shill

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As per, freedom of speech doesn't apply. Until you commented, we were discussing Firefox and Dissenter; now we're trading insults. That's textbook "dragging down".

Also note that "fun" isn't a downvote; it functions as an upvote, giving me comment karma.

I'm only going to tell you one more time. Improve or leave.

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boo to both? Other options?

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Actually it's too soon to judge Firefox negatively for this one, although they have jumped on the fake news detection bandwagon in the past.

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Isn't that odd, DIssenter only provides a means to create an easily found comment for articles, and webpages anywhere on the Internet.... And that's dangerous????

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fake news articles always get debunked in comments sections, they hate it

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Who hates it? Also where is the official story at?.... Seriously, as in where do you gain your information from?

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why so you can delete it? no playing that game. blocked.

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???? Delete what ???? What game are you not playing, and what is blocked. Be mature. You left a post, which would indicate a desire to communicate; have your voice heard. I hear it, and have questions regarding your statement.... OMG, someone actually wants you to clarify.

For any others reading this, as long as it's permitted on this site, and not breaking any laws, nothing gets deleted in this sub., and there's no game playing. I'm objective, and my voice deserves to be heard too.

I presented this thread, as someone recently within the last few months turned me onto dissenter, and gab. Prior to this, I wasn't even aware of their existence. Once I became aware, the idea that they allow, communication, was alluring to me. I'm here for my own personal enlightenment, and improvement; I use information from others for this. What others have to say, I can either put in my 'mental tool box' to use, digest, or perhaps remember at a later date for some/whatever/xyz purpose. I personally find that I can be more objective this way; as I'm not looking for popularity.

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Sorry, what? /u/HeyImSancho was just asking a question out of interest. And if you hadn't blocked them, you'd know that.

/u/HeyImSancho isn't even a moderator of /s/SundogsPlace, so doesn't have the technical ability to delete stuff here.

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Wizzwizz, for clarification, sundogsplace was started by my significant other.

As our own personal rule of thumb, short of illegal, or against site policies, we don't erase, or delete differing view points.

We, and/or I like listen to what people have to say on any topic; it gives perspective.

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Oh, I see. Well, that explains things.

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Other users have pointed out that dissenter was actually spyware... so yeah. Manufactured outrage as always.

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I don't know any of the other posters; I try sometimes, don't have all the time, or energy to do so. Which posters swayed your definitive position, and why?

The only 2 opinions on the matter I have, is facebook, and google have been caught stealing information; yet people still use them. Also, dissenter offered from what I could tell a unique way to comment across the internet in one spot people could find that would allow comments where corporate sites didn't want any.

So yeah, it seems like all the internet giants steal, and dissenter offered a cool service.

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Oh I don't expect you to know everything about everything or anything like that. I was just pointing out that dissenter is doing exactly what those big corporations are doing: taking your info and selling it. It sucks, but that's life you know?

What swayed my definitive position was the code explicitly showing data was being stolen (all websites you visit would be sent to the creators of dissenter).

Not trying to be mean. We all miss information, we all make mistakes. Just trying to point out that this particular news article is manufacturing outrage by putting a very biased spin on the situation and that dissenter was rightfully banned for being spyware.

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Okay, I get where you're coming from, and if dissenter is doing that, it's wrong, and i hope it's remedied as the end use is really neat, and a threat to the global establishment.

A lot of people see the global establishment, and the command and control structures being implemented, and want to fight back. I mean people from all corners know something, or everything is kinda off; hence why it's covered across the board. Weird, wacky, and wild tales, and beliefs can, and are coming from it. A lot of what's written out there, takes on the same flavor as whatever the last thing that went viral was; it's like a global linked society trying to say something good, but it ends up coming out somewhat like the 'boy who cried wolf'.

I really think we're at a point where we've got multiple break away societies occurring all at the same time.

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I don't know about break away societies, but I certainly do know tensions are rising within our current political climate. I'm in the US and I know for a fact things like, say, school shootings are NOT a sign of a healthy nation.

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I think a great example of a break away society is the '3rd world to 1st world' comparison. 3rd world countries have 1st world areas, sectioned, fenced, guarded away from the peasants. America is quickly heading in that direction. So you've got modern 21st century living separated from the 3rd world ghettos.

In the future, I think they're will be more divisions as technology, and information availability grow. What works for some, may not work for others, and hence divisions, and break aways.

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What's to stop the poor (who will be the majority as you can't have the majority as rich) from revolutionizing?

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A break away society doesn't have to be bad; there can be varying flavors of them, and also varying subjective viewpoints; I mean everything is subjective.

i think you're asking about poor revolting against the rich? Sure, anythings possible. I think the rich are gonna go 'god man' on us, I think they've got the tech to keep young healthy bodies, and they definitely have the tech to protect that, so I could see a definite move towards a Project bluebeam on the horizon.

Perhaps, some break aways will be Luddite in nature; I mean all this exposure to microwaves, and terahertz waves, and other stuff is very real.

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I hate when the default argument for something being taken down is "they hate free speech".

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I do to, and have wondered why some people use what they use to garner attention. As to what's intentional, and what's not, I've got no clue. As to what catches people's eyes, and what doesn't, and why certain verbiage was used, I can see that.

The problem with that though to myself, it sure seems like 'the boy who cried wolf'.... Each time someone uses a catchy slogan to draw attention, and support, that message no matter how good, or how bad will have diminishing returns as whatever used becomes more common.

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Okay, I could be reading your way back machine article wrong, but it reads like mozilla targeted dissenter due to them allowing people to comment? The article basically said they violated the racism, hatred, and all things white devil crackers who should've never been born do.

Am I missing something, and why is that article on the way back machine; no other links?

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i just had a superficial look at the reddit thread and they think the plugin was removed because it was not respecting privacy. so maybe it was a censorship vs privacy decision. i hope that future versions will be accepted when they sort out the issues

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Right, okay, same boat here I guess.