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I'm glad to see this. It shows a couple things, the people know the govt sucks, and is against them; as well as showing the govt has failed at building the trust of the people.

We need to break the romance of just carrying on the status quo; where by these govts across the world continually do the direct opposite of what their constituency want, and instead forcing upon them what a corporation needs.

Why not just free market, I'll be armed, you be armed, and we agree that it's equal force, in a free unregulated market; happiness.

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As a New Zealander, I would not say the people are against the government on this; on the contrary, there has been little opposition that I've seen. The reason why people haven't handed in their semiautomatics yet is probably because if they wait they'll get paid for them as part of the buy-back scheme that is to be set up. Why hand them in now and get nothing in return when you could wait and get some cash?

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Damn, and I thought they were taking a stand. Too bad for you guys.

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I'm sure those paper bills will help them sleep soundly at night. /s

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One day after the mosque massacres, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern proclaimed that her government aims to implement gun control, which includes a ban on “military-style” weapons that were allegedly used during the slaughter.

Criminal murders a bunch of people. Solution? Take guns away from law abiding people.

FML! 🤦🤦🤦

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perfect sense, huh....

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The criminal was also a law-abiding person until he decided to kill a bunch of people.

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As far as I know, that may be true. I think the murdered people should have been free to resist his attack and protect their own lives. Don't you?

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So treat all law-abiding people as psychopaths all about to crack and murder a bunch of people?