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Realize how scared the people must be to allow for insanity to hit this level? That's some scary stuff when you think about it; scary by way that the govt, and the cabal behind it, can influence people to this degree of hysteria, and purposely encourages it. They do this, while at the same time, making it illegal to not only view the video, but also the written text/manifest that's stolen their rights, and even 'comfort'.

What's even more ironic, is people do have natural flight, or fight abilities; it enables all of us to make the hard decisions. Yet, in our modern society, on an increasing basis, we allow the cabal to tell us when to fear; rather than listening to our own selves.

It just seems like we're in an open air psychological warfare theatre; the establishment is in the game for final blow, and the people as compliant game.

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What I find odd is that isn't this kind of reaction exactly what fucking nutjobs want? Don't they win if we live in fear constantly and question normal people with good intentions? I thought the entire point of NZ's reaction to the shooting was to create a safer environment, yet it sounds like they are living in fear.

The sooner we realize that people are just fucking nuts sometimes and that life is a chaotic mess the better. That doesn't mean we should sit back and just let psycho's do whatever they want, but taking away rights and spreading fear will only cause tensions to rise which will only increase the likelihood of tragedies happening even more...

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Couldn't agree more! I'm a little surprised the govts, and psychopaths behind them are choosing to continue trying to persuade us with the same ole basic, 'boo' tactic.

I also agree with pretty much everything you wrote actually, the world is a scary, dynamic, eat you in a heartbeat paradise. Life is only life as we know it, because death is always 'right there', waiting. In realizing this, I think freedom is found; Inalienable Rights are realized. There's no one other than oneself to truly keep oneself in all manners.

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This is too funny, and why a little bit of discretion, and pose is necessary at times.

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Did you see that guy's cool tat of a wing on his right arm?


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Leftists want to create an environment where being right-wing allows one to be targeted by a mob. Likely whoever started this shit knew it wasn't an issue, but leftists, being leftists, have to lynch and murder people who don't agree with their Utopian power fantasies. Just like they did back in the French Revolution.

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My opinion...The real goal of the people with the (perceived) power, is to always have any situation be a mob atmosphere, always splitting everything into controllable 'teams'.

In this way, they always can steer, or suggest any outcome, and all people feel as though they've participated, contributed, and helped their team; 'they gave it their all'.

Even the losers can go off to lick their wounds with their fellows in arms. Not many are happy in this system, but are at least 'content', in that at least consciously they can tell themselves 'they did something'.

We're told in the modern day world that it's all about being part of the team, and there's no "I" in the word... and all the crap sandwich saying that encompass it. I think it's a giant demoralizer to the idea of the 'self'. A single man, or woman, or 'it' can make great change, and they don't need any team to do it. Internal fortitude, yes, but not too many have it.

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Evacuated over a tattoo? That IS scary.

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I used to want to live in New Zealand. Now I'm not sure I even want to visit.