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Sounds like a much larger story than simply being part of Proud Boys. Chase deals with far more 'offensive' people. Seems like a lot that's unknown. However, I never heard about somebody getting their account cancelled, pretty interesting.

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Banks were doing it to the porn folks back when porn took off(in the late 90s/early 21st), and average idiots were trying to get in that game. They were shutting their accounts down for basic 'moral turpitude', or near there.

They kept this up, until the few major 'tube' sites, came in, basically bankrupted an entire industry into, or I should say back into a couple conglomerates.

This is a single example that I know of. I started paying attention to stuff like this, as banks go hand in hand with the IRS. Something I didn't know about the IRS, is how they've got a multitude of special profession income taxes; above, and beyond the average job. It really kinda made my head spin to know there are groups of people out there, that due to their jobs, and perhaps lack of numbers to make their plight known, are forced to pay extra.... Just seems insane to me.

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It would be nice for the bank to give a little more information.

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Yeah, its fairly sus.

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Look up what the federal reserve is. It's like using chuckie cheese coins as a currency. Chuckie can say you aren't allowed to use his coins at any establishment if he wants b/c it's a 3rd party business.