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Something I don't get....In the US the oral polio vaccine hasn't been the standard since 2000 or so, now the injection is the norm. The oral vaccine is used frequently in other countries though, due to the cheaper cost and ease of use. The virus can be shed in fecal matter when the oral vaccine is used (off the top of my head, I read a bit into this a couple weeks ago so if I'm wrong please correct me). Now there are outbreaks of vaccine derived polio in some of these countries, and they are continuing this route of vaccination despite the fact cholera is present. Wouldn't cholera spread the virus at a much higher frequency?

It just seems common sense not to introduce it in an area with cholera, but what I know comes from doing some internet searches. Curious if anyone else knows more?

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I think that you're assumptions are predicated on your belief that the people in charge have the public's best interests as their goal.

What if they have long term concerns about over population? If their objective is predicated on goals associated with preventing over population, then these/their actions may start to make more sense. I'm not suggesting that the upper/mid/lower level operational people have this as a goal. Just the 0.001% Elite.