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chemtrail's are now called,"stratospheric aerosol injection"

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I snorted some chem-rails once got blotto then had a catastrophic anal injection by my girlfriend with a strap on. It didn't "end" well.

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Nova did a episode on how this is occurring due to current industrial pollution called "Dimming the sun" in 2006. Here's a link to a version of the episode of anyone's interested (crappy quality and sped up but the episode I remember).

Dimming the sun.

It doesn't cover Geo engineering, but covers the basics if the involved principals, for anyone who is interested in the physics basics.

However, Nova has a couple of 9/11 shows, so they're a propaganda agent. These folks have a difficult job of keeping the managerial class educated, while also keeping the public in the dark. As an engineer, the basics of this Dimming concept appear legit on the surface. Increased cloud reflectivity from an increase in vapor condensing nuclei, etc. Increased reflectivity, etc.

The man made climate conclusion is debatable.