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The boatmaker also said that he believes we are “living in the end of times” but that people aren’t “conscious” of it. “The water is going to come. From the mountains, from the sea, through Germany. It sounds like doom and gloom, but I’m not afraid of it,” he added.

It's almost as if he doesn't know about the human made origins of The Netherlands as we know it today: .

Superb quote about Israel though: (Although this goes up for all the Arab world)

“I love the county, I love the people. They don’t obey, they do what they want, they drive like mad, shove while waiting in line and don’t listen to anyone. Just like me.”

Godspeed Johan, may you stay in the sand and keep their habits there!

(Though, just like the plan to go to Brazil, I think he only thinks it's a good/feasible plan)

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It's neat, not something you see everyday. If you search the topic, you'll find a lot of photos of the interior; it'll impressive.

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I agree that it is neat, in concept.

From a design perspective, it's a total piece of crap. Tortion forces will wreck that box-shaped bullshit.

Several years ago he was quoted saying he hoped to sail the 95-foot-wide vessel, which spans five floors and can hold more than 5,000 passengers, to Brazil. But those plans fell through.

Those plans fell through? That comes as a surprise. Who wouldn't want to help drag a shitty broken barge boat across the Atlantic ocean in a tugboat. They could probably make the trip, but only because it's made of wood (and they surely wouldn't get there in one piece, hence the multiple tugs).

I doubt it will even make the trip to Israel; unless they reinforce the hull using modern materials.

I can't wait to read the follow up story.