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It's almost certainly polio. Polio was renamed Menangitus.

Below are links to a jaw dropping podcast on the history of the polio vaccine. The story is directly involved in the Kennedy assassination, as Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA handler for one of the main vaccine researchers while he was in New Orleans, where the research was being conducted.
90,000,000 Americans were given polio vaccine that may have been contained with the SM40 virus. SM40 is a soft tissue cancer causing virus that was present in an estimated 10%-30% of these polio vaccines.

Castro led the Cuban revolution during this period, and the vaccine was weaponized as an assassination tool against Castro, because everyone knows you can't give someone cancer. This weaponized version was also likely used to kill Jack Ruby.

SM40 is communicable through human to human transmission. If you know someone who has had breast cancer, then they probably got it from SM40. Breast cancer can appear hereditary, because parents can infect their children with the virus..

I wish I was making all of this all up. Please listen, and decide for yourself.

Dr. Mary's Monkey: Part 1.

Dr. Mary's Monkey: Part 2

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Imagine that!? Polio is causing polio like symptoms.


Did you happen to listen to the podcast? My mind was blown. This event was literally the 9/11 of the medical world. This is the story of the weaponization of vaccines.

Do you know someone who has had cancer? Regardless of political persuasion, we all want the best for our family and communities. We are in the midst of a cancer epidemic that has never been explained. This is the hidden truth.

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Hmmmm, uh oh!