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She's the opposite of a Karen, at least where I live, homeowners have to pay at least partially for the stupid sidewalk in front of their houses. Homeowners with some sense should be pissed about this.

And to tell people they cannot walk the opposite direction on a sidewalk is pants-on-head retarded.

The fatty with the spraypaint looks like he could use some walking himself.

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You're correct, thanks for the comment. We're living in CLOWN WORLD.

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Call her Karen all you want, I agree with her. I see this as a scam to ticket people for bullshit, just like red light cameras.

EDIT: My reply is not meant towards the OP, but rather the person who put the video up. :P

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Said auto-generated the title, I only added "Clown World". Take your beef up with saidit, as well as the obvious libtard who uploaded the footage to Youtube. I agree with you, but I didn't title the video.

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Point taken, I should had worded it better, rather I meant to refer to the video since I knew it was auto generated. :P