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There is an electrician I know and he says more and more well-off people are putting Faraday Cages around the bedrooms in new houses they are building, or in some cases their whole house. Faraday Cage is a fancy term for an area surrounded on all sides by wire mesh that is then well grounded. So, if you have a lot of screen wire lying around, just like the wire on a screen door but more of it, you can shield your bedroom. Then, turn off your wifi at night if it is inside the cage.

Be sure the wire conducts electricity as some wire mesh is treated with stuff that might block electrical conduction. Copper mesh is the very best, but it will cost you.

Of course, when 5G gets here, and it is well on its way, we will all be bombarded by high levels of microwave energy 24/7, but the cage will make you much safer even then, for eight hours a day or so.

Top 20 Facts on 5G: What You Need To Know About 5G Wireless and “Small” Cells - Environmental Health Trust

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I find this very interesting; I've heard rumors as such, but now something seriously worth looking into. I guess for myself it might be a bit of a business decision, as my background is in electrical. More times than not anymore, I think they purposely got rid of Lead paint for easier spying. I was a kid when they were legislating it out, but even I wondered what other idiot kids were eating it; where were they getting the chips from??? I know as a child I didn't eat it, and never heard of anyone else.

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There is a lot of nonsense circulating on the Internet, but 5G is not in that category, I think. I can see it going up where I live, and many of you can probably see it as well. My 4G works just fine. How about yours? Intel never sleeps.