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Huh, I just took it as the way he presents. It's so weird in this age of 'acceptance', how we can poke at some folks.

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Yeah it's the way he presents. Tbh I hate him for being a closet Zionist so I'm talking shit. Some of his content is valuable.

But I'm responding to tone and off topic which is low pyramid, my bad.

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Actually very impressive due to honesty. I note a few people on the board that I would peg as hardcore leftists; usually my feelings are due to reading threads created by those same folks with titles close to: 'if you(admin?) don't stop posting mean shit, then I'm done with this shitty board'... It seems like these same folks have made the lol icon, some sort of down vote-option..

Which is really fucking weird to me, as I want to click into some things thinking they maybe funny, but it's just someone using their created downvote lol... Confusing at times, lol. Like on this thread, are they laughing due to what the video actually stated, or is it due to people not liking Mark Dice? LOL, the confusion in my head!!!! hahahahaha

Aside from that, and him being a zionist shill; could be, could be. Anyone could be something for something, or somebody. My rule to combat this is simple, at least for myself, the only person I trust is myself, and then not all that often; next would be my significant other, and the same rules apply. From there, I guess I just observe, and remember everyone else as needed.

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Yeah the fun vs downvote thing gets confusing. I'd like to think that on these old school subs with old users, people are using it as intended. I've noticed a trend where fun things generally also get the insightful voted.. that seems to be the case here. So hopefully people are saying it's fun or funny that yes indeed we've got full retard. But who knows.

Hahaha I try to trust myself not that often too.

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Pronouns day?