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Stocks are done for this cycle, cryptocurrencies are the new safe spot, for at least 6+ months. That's my take.

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I tried to understand crypto and I consider myself rather intelligent, but damn that whole UX on most of those sites is confusing.

I wish there was a Stockpile-esque website for cryptocurrency.

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Yes the interfaces for crypto are generally still terrible because the tech is still new, I agree. There are a few sites that have made it easy though, like coinbase and binance and poloniex

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Im late on this one but I agree the UX takes some getting used to. If you want an intro option I recommend coinbase or we use this app called metal pay. I use it with my friends like venmo because they give you % back of the transfer in their crypto. I've earned $800 worth of their crypto in about a year and a half just from using the app. Pretty neat, worth learning about that realm though.