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I did not realise that this park only covered the recent films. I thought it covered the whole legacy, but it appears not.

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I think we're getting a bit too much Star Wars these days. The rarity made it special in the old days. Now its like a fkn fire hose.

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I agree. I used to be 'meh' about it, but now I actively hate it because it's shoved in our faces so often. It's Disney's cash cow (one among many).

I think we hit peak star wars when they started selling star wars branded oranges:

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Yep, the have swung too far the other direction, and with the creeping social messages, its beginning to grate.

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It's corporatized culture. They manufacture our legends and myths that control our narratives. We are not allowed to think for ourselves. We are not allowed to make fan art. They own the art. You are not allowed to share the art. Purchase the art only. Consume consume consume.