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Restricted view-only wiki, for now. Contact a mod to add something.
Anyone who can submit to the sub may edit.

Rough Drafts And Backups

Draft Concepts To Explain:

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empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Accounting - Accounting

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Archiving - Archiving

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Branding - Branding

draft/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Draft - Draft Sandbox

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/FreedomRallies - Freedom Rallies

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Funding - Funding

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Goals - Goals

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalActivism - Local Activism

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalAntiMask - Local Anti-Mask Policies

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalBanks - Local Banks

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalClinics - Local Clinics

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalComputerStores - Local Computer Stores

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalCooperatives - Local Cooperatives

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalDoctors - Local Doctors

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalEducation - Local Education

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalEvents - Local Events

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalGyms - Local Gyms

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalGrocery - Local Grocery Stores

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalHardware - Local Hardware Stores

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalLawyers - Local Lawyers

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalNurses - Local Nurses

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalPharmacies - Local Pharmacies

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalRealtors - Local Realtors

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalResources - Local Resources

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalRestaurants - Local Restaurants

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalRestHomes - Local Rest Homes

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalShopping - Local Shopping

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalThriftStores - Local Thrift Stores

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/LocalVintageStores - Local Vintage Stores

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Marketing - Marketing

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/PostDraft1 - Post Draft 1

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/PostDraft2 - Post Draft 2

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Priorities - Priorities

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Purpose - Purpose

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/Resources - Resources Management

empty/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/RoadMap - Road Map

draft/s/StandUpWindsor/wiki/YellowBag - Yellow Bag

Facebook has the public group chat "Questioning Covid Newbs" and the private group chat "Windsor-Essex Questioners". Stand Up Windsor's core organizing group can be more open and transparent to the public on uncensored SaidIt with a history of posts and comments on record that's easier to search through than the ever-moving train of a rapid group chat. All SaidIt regular content (SaidIt also has private subs (feeds of private posts and private comments), private wikis, private messages, and private chats - also freely available) can be linked to and seen by anyone, even if they don't have an account, unlike Facebook which requires you login before you can see even public content.

In addition to not being censored on SaidIt, you may be less likely to be banned from Facebook and lose all your important contacts' and info. For exceptionally sensitive information (ie. financial data) we may utilize SaidIt's many private features (outlined in the sidebox of this sub and the site's FAQ linked at the bottom of all pages) - or use Session ( for very secure group chats of up to 10 users.

Importantly, we should settle on and get to know these alt platforms sooner rather than under pressure when heavier censorship will inevitably kick into high gear. We need to help lead our communities to alternatives before the shit hits the fan.

For more alternative platforms and media check out the lists in /s/DecentralizeAllThings/wiki/.


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