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We meet again and again. This can't be a coincidence.

Everywhere outside mathematics and physics i meet your stuff. Like you try to meet mine.

We are brothers. Maybe with a little age difference here or there, because i'm only 38 and look way younger (not older than my students) but this one is no coincidence, i'm quite sure now.

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Yesterday I turned the big 50. I still feel more like your age though.

I'm trying to get through some of my 360+ backlogged messages, but I'll soon be pulling waaaaay back in order to finish my epic story this fall, undistracted.

Predictions this fall: Major engineered crisis before elections. Mail in voting will make the elections even MORE unreliable (intentionally). Neither side will accept defeat bring us closer to civil war if not actually starting it. Economic collapse of the dollar will force a global currency into existence. Collapse of police will force a centralized national police force to rise. Perhaps Trump's friendly US military will occupy the US.

2 things are best to control populations: fear of disease + fear of starving. Both will be implemented in addition to countless homeless. All of this will be weaponized against the rest of the poor, middle class, and even upper middle class.

COVID was nothing. Winter is coming and it will bring on the real death count.

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How about we stop this Game Of Thrones shit right in in its tracks and rather feast on Saruman and Gandalf found each other now.

Happy Birthday, btw. If it does matter to you.

Just for one day we both could set our fighting teeth down, especially since it is your birthday.

Just be happy man. :) You made half a century.

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I didn't know we were fighting or had fighting teeth.

Age doesn't matter to me, other than when people make a thing of it for whatever reasons. We're all kids learning stuff.

I'm happy and I'm happy being a knowledgeable and learning subversive. I wasn't always this way.

I'll be happiest when my first draft is done.

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Just have a laugh at this one: .

And then have a beer or something. Or some .

My queen and me agree on this. This is like a cosmic event alone. :-D