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Ah! Jetzt Verstehe ich. Deine erste Sprache ist Deutsch! Bitte, antwortest du nicht auf Deutch weil ich werde nicht verstanden. Mein Deutsch ist schlecht... Tschuss!

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lol, mein ehh sorry mine Deutsch is also bad, but living next to those idiots- JK - and because i like some German music bands i undertsand it a bit,also because some words ar a bit like ours, its the evolution on languages i guess

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The Netherlands? Ich bin Kanadier.

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YEp im Ducth, from the Netherlands, ehh so you are Canadian? how come you speak decent German? you say yeh dont, but it looks better then mine lol, i bet Kanadier is German right? in Dutch its Canadees your Canadees dude, if your from Canada that is 🙃

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Cool! I learned German and Spanish in College many years ago. Ik ben Canadees(had to look it up). It does resemble German a bit. :)

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yep "ik ben"or Ich bin" very simmulair, ps maybe you like this video, Its explenation about the language called Pennsylvania Dutch seen on the TV show Leaving the Amish. They call their language "Dutch" but it sounds more like Gemran and not like dutch, and in this video they explain, so just incase you interested

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Nice, I'll check it out!