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Show notes:

America today - in business, government, and most elite institutional organizations - operates under a rubric many would describe as managerialism. It is a belief that the best results can be achieved through rigorous quantitative measurement and elimination of processes (and people) that do not measure up. It is a decidedly material approach to running a system, and in terms of total output, efficiency of inputs consumed, and other tangible attributes, it can result in improvements. But when it comes to things harder to measure - quality, happiness, and the spiritual direction of a people - management science, a contentious term in of itself - often fails to deliver. Tonight we’re joined by Henry Mencken to discuss how Taylorism, the movement that started it all, led America to win in war and peace, but lose on many of the fundamental human issues we all face when we get home at the proverbial end of the day.

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Very special guest Henry Mencken

with Adam Smith, Hans Lander, Hank Oslo and Nick Mason

-- References -- the application of scientism, author of The Management Myth by James Burkhart Gilbert