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I'm more akin to progressives Jimmy Dore and Kim Iversen.

Kim Iversen recently said we need a new word for progressive.

Damien Walter says aggressive progressives are cultural Marxists and the old left are liberals.

I may be a liberal but I'm no cultural Marxist nor social justice warrior.

I don't know enough about Damien Walter to know if he's playing a confusion game or not, and he seems to think these "aggressive progressives" have some legitimacy (IMO they don't and are manufactured puppets).

I'm as confused as they intended me to be.

I'll settle for being a left-leaning minarcho-truther SaidHead in favour of the Green Party, Internet Party, and Pirate Party.

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It's my opinion that this staged Zizek/Peterson Marxism debate is a bland limited hangout distraction. If they were serious they'd invite Marxist economics professor Richard D. Wolff to discuss/debate them. Zizek/Peterson will remain ignorant cowards until they take up Wolff on his challenge.

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