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Luke is a boss, I love his direct confrontation videos.

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I feel they've gotten lazy. Now they're just repeating other news 4 times a day. Not with particularly new insights.

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Yeah I can't stand channels that just cover the news. I can read some comment threads to get better and more insightful info. I want single topic discussion with deep research and facts presented.

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For me it depends.

Sometimes news readers are good when they add their own insights. Sometimes they're good when they aggregate and cover other news not perpetually echoed.

Sometimes even they have boring episodes or cover stuff I don't care about.

Deep research and facts can be good. Sometimes it's dry and boring and obsessing over a point already well proven.

My favourite is when there's a good balance of new content, broad context, relevant details, and deep insights new perspectives.

For me it all depends.

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No big deal. I was banned off Wikipedia for a year (mostly 2017) for being "another polite truther."

I was also banned for a week for "tinfoilhattery" from Wiktionary for adding definitions and synonyms like "tinfoilhattery" to the "Truther" terms. Literally ironic and tragic.

Anyway. I'm still alive.