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Requires a phone number to sign up just like Parler, pass.

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Just so you know. Google voice has phone numbers that apps requiring phones will accept.

So to “anonymously” make an account: go make a fake gmail (fURmom@gmail.con) —> use it to make a google voice account —> use that google voice account to register on truth social or tinder.

They don’t have your number, but you have an account.

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Still, screw the attempt at taking away anonymity. The whole idea of censoring the web or making everything de-anonymized is DANGEROUS to a free and open society. If you cannot view and post anonymously, then the reach of whistle blowers is seriously limited. Who's going to show the "truth" on a site that can pinpoint your location for nefarious hidden government agents that will kill you?

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I think you are correct.

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Just the words truth and Trump in one sentence feels cynical.

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It's only available to the USA. If you change your VPN to an american IP you can register but it asks for a phone number. I tried a phone number but it wasnt an american phone number so it would not work. I was going to try an american number online but thought it was too much work.

Im not happy about requiring a phone number but truth social is a usa military tool that will be used to bring out the truth and destroy the deep state by using starlink and bypassing the deep state fiber wires unearth the oceans.

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Didn't they release the IOS app first?