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"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of bitch-asses cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

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Well, "something terrible" has happened. He's paid way too much because he wants to influence public opinion. He says he's interested in the 'truth', and I seriously doubt his concept of truth. He's nuttier than a five-­pound fruitcake. As crazy as a soup sandwich. And most important, he &co have absolutely no interest in the welfare of the 99%, and will focus instead on swaying public opinion to believe whatever the 1% want. We'll see.

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He's nuttier than a five-­pound fruitcake. As crazy as a soup sandwich.

That's everybody on the internet, you and me included. We'll see indeed. Grab your popcorn!

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I agree with you on Musk, he is over rated and makes promises he will never be able to keep. A lot is hype and people flock to him in droves believing every crazy thing he comes up with.

But I do think he will be better for Twitter then the current regime. He will most definitely try to push his POV and ideas, he did drop $44 billion on this, but as long as he allows people to rebuttal and critique then I see this as a win over all. If he tries to silence people that disagree with him he will be found out pretty quick and the optics of it will harm him and his new Twitter baby.

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Musk is a disruptor and a modern day railroad baron. I would prefer seeing the chaos of his egoistic ambitions unfold than the alternative, which is a crushing inertia preventing any positive change to the platform. We need more like him in the world, generally speaking - those that aim for the stars regardless of their cynical or foolish reasons for doing so. Moonshots rarely work, but when they do, they inspire and move humanity forward.

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I don't see why anyone would want to support the interests of the .001%, who continue to spread misinformation to the 99.99%, for the obvious anti-democracit purpose of grifting everyone of the fruits of their labour. You're welcoming an authoritarian influence of public information that will support corruption at all levels, and reduce to nil the quality of life for most everyone.

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For the simple reason that interests align, in this specific case. Point me to a better billionaire capable of buying out Twitter, or an organization comprised of the 99.99% daring enough to do the same. They don't exist, and alternative platforms like Gab have their own set of issues. Musk is driven by objectives beyond wealth accumulation, unlike the other major shareholders, and has demonstrated contempt for the authoritarian influence and perverse cancel culture he's now set to undermine. I'm open to being proven wrong about this - if Twitter's censorship remains as suffocating as ever, whatever goodwill he's built up will crumble away.

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The "better billionaire" argument never works. There aren't any. The only authority is the 99%, which shareholders listen to. Single ownership of Twitter will end that shareholder and 99% influence. The ultra rich will continue to fuck you over, as we've seen them doing for centuries.

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So are you satisfied with Twitter as it exists under current shareholders? The '99%' isn't a unified bloc favoring free speech, nor are they in control. A sizable portion doesn't care or actively supports deplatforming when it aligns with their political leanings. Twitter employees are overwhelmingly leftist as well. I'll take my chances with the eccentric billionaire who's publicly ridiculed and railed against their censorship methods. Blanket mistrust of the wealthy is a loser's strategy when attempting to effect change.

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I don't have to be satified. I don't have any concerns about Twitter. It seems to be managed well. At least it's not run by an authoritarian.

Regarding 'mistrust of the wealthy', look at Elon's past.

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At least it's not run by an authoritarian.

True. It's run by hundreds of authoritarians.

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I'll have to assume you're arguing in bad faith, or our conceptions of authoritarianism are vastly different. What point about Elon's past would you make? He's lied and been cutthroat, yes. I assure you, every multinational corporate representative on Twitter's board has done the same or worse, but without visionary ambition and a willingness to oppose their own cohort.

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Only on Saidit do I see these concerns about bad faith. I have no idea why someone would want to make arguments on Saidit that are supposedly bad faith. It makes no sense. I am obviously against authoritarianism, and whatever you want to believe Twitter's management is like now, imagine what it'll be like when it has only one owner. That by definition is authoritarian. Think about Elon's interest in investing so much in Twitter. There are now verious articles online questioning his previous actions and his current interests. We should of course question authority, and now Elon has purchased an audience of 205 million people. If you assume that's just because he's an awesome chap and will only use that purchase for GOOD, you are definitely not reading the fine print. There is so much at stake here. And as you know, Saiditors are often worried about the control of global activies by a few rich people. Well we've now seen a major development in that context. Read all about it.

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This is great, he's gonna bring back freedom of speech to Twitter. Sucks for libs only cause y'all hate free speech now.

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You know exactly what that means. "Freedom of speech" is always "Freedom of the most powerful to push their misinformation, and there's nothing the 99% can do about it." Misinformation fucks everyone, starting with the 99%, ending with the 1%, since the beginning of history.

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That is the issue that's being addressed, Big Tech has been censoring people like me, stealing my voice and the voice of dissent. And boy is it telling how afraid your political team is of free speech. We're gonna fix this mess.

I think you're right to be afraid, the shoe is about to be on the other foot, and there's a lot to answer for.

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Good morning. Perhaps respond after you've had a cup of tea.

Note that we're not discussing fear, and that we're not lumping all BigTech into one group, and we're especially not supporting authoritarian leadership in BigTech, nor should we see Musk (or Muskrat) as our great white saviour of social media. To believe any of this would be bonkers.

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Good morning, tea is incoming. fyi: Carroll Burnett was born today.

Musk is looking like the Great White Savior. Turns out an African was the American we needed.

we're not lumping all BigTech into one group

I am, they're all guilty. This 1984 censorship isn't a small matter, it's a crime against humanity and un-American. Treason even. You do not take away the sacred American right of free speech and not expect a reckoning.

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    A day 1 change he can make is to ban all the pedos who try to hide behind calling themselves MAPs.

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    It is bizarre so many people are getting upset now but have been completely happy to use the platform when they openly allowed paedos to promote themselves as a written policy.

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      I have been hearing about Twitter protecting pedo groups and refusing to take down child porn for many years now. One story was a user who had a former partner post thier nudes or near nudes from when they were under age and they couldn't get Twitter to remove them.

      There was a huge scandal where bot accounts would post swimsuit pictures of kids and have links to other websites to facilitate more illegal activities and Twitter claimed they didn't have the resources to take them down, while they were using bots to auto ban anyone who said "learn to code" in reference to journalists getting sacked.

      The reality is this can only be the tip of the iceberg because they can easily only show the kiddie porn to accounts that have the right search pattern and tweet the right propaganda. They are clearly run by pedos.

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      Pedo groups, aka the entire government, most NATO countries (operations stem from the US/UK/Israel) and the Vatican. They're the only pedos that you can't take down.

      They run massive worldwide child trafficking operations through the military (US has over 800 bases on foreign soil) and NGO's. They use environmental "save the ocean" NGO's to ship humans across the ocean to avoid border checks.

      Child honeypot blackmail is how they exert control over numerous journalists, politicians, celebrities.

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      What odds that Musk would say the only method to pay for Twitter is with Doge?

      Literally zero. That would open him up to an antitrust lawsuit.