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doxxing and real-world harassment

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Doxxing and then calling the family of someone he doxxed

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I asked him on reddit about it, and he said he never called anyone. However, he did find emails of ruqqus users from github and send some unsolicited emails. Later on, he apparently spoofed his email and told users that they were banned.

An admin of the site commented more on it here.

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Thanks for the info. Seems this might inspire some new mod rules.

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Isn't it easy to create another throwaway account? I am sure he already has done so.

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Hence the name "socks." Probably a good way of organizing your primary and sock-puppet accounts.

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    if you threaten me, i will tell ameliamay..

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      There it is. I've been looking for that - my lizard-shaped fleshlight.
      I still don't think you should use it as a beverage container.

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      if i am not mistaken, i might have a bit too drunk one time and received oral favors from that lizard.

      i must confess.

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      One of the key distinguishing features of the agamids is their teeth,

      Is that why they call you hamburger?

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        i feel a bowel movement coming on, it feels like all of my ass is getting ready to explode.

        should i get checked for covid? maybe i should just take a shower and drink some tea and eat some mint candy.

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          if you just keep it a secret, i will do anything that you ask of me, oh great master..

          dont tell them that i am really really really the realdontaldrump.

          TRUMP 2030

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            dont doxx me.

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            Ruqqus is owned by Adam LaDine... who is Adam LaDine?

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              Thanks for the link. Interesting comment:

              LaDine said. "I believe that misinformation is best dealt with by discussion and exposure to correct information, not by force feeding people the approved, officially correct story. ... People are smart, they can figure things out. They don't need social media to fact check things for them."

              Misinformation has been shared on many websites (some listed at /s/ShitpostNews), so Ruqques isn't just for misinformation; it's there to engage the far-right. And in practice, people who want to believe in the misinformation are very happy to promote it, as happens on Saidit.

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              Question is, who is the arbitor of what is and what is not misinformation.

              Personally, I will judge for myself based on what I can learn before I defer to some so called "authority".

              I think it is very obvious that MSM is always reasserting itself as the authority while denouncing and outright censoring dissenting opinions.

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              Yes, the MSM is a problem, and the fact-checkers are potentially biased, but misinformation and disinformation are also serious problems, and the latter problems outweigh potential problems with the fact checkers. My concerns about misinformation are not endorsements of the MSM. I prefer aggregate sites for news like Saidit and Reddit because they help compare and contrast reports of the news from a range of sources. The "free speech" sites like Saidit and Ruqqus are overrun with far-right propaganda, which is why I read "news" at those sites. Why, however, are they overrun with misinformation? What is the point? It's obviously manipulation by well-funded far-right networks. I think it's important to look at this stuff, but it's also important to look at other aggregate sites for a balance of information. Saidit would get more users if there was more of a balance here. Visitors don't want to comment on the misinformation and they go elsewhere. When I see a rational comment, I +friend that person, and have done this for months. When I review this list of friends, I see that most of them are long gone. Occasionally, there are interesting conversations at Saidit, which is one reason I return. But I also have to deal with a lot of name-calling and insanity, if I want to remain.

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              Saidit ... overrun with far-right propaganda


              The left vs right paradigm is a false dichotomy to make people think they are seeing two sides, when in fact they are seeing the same one.

              I think some Saidit users see you promoting this paradigm and find you disingenuous because of it.

              Much easier to guide perception and opinions when you can tell people what to be outraged about.

              I find it's much better to judge things based on their merit rather than what any authority says (and any "authority" should be held to higher scrutiny) or whether it is considered a left, right, conspiratorial, or what ever label.

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              to judge things based on their merit rather than what any authority says

              OK - let's forget about the language 99.9% of the peoople are using with regard to left vs. right. There has been an emerging understanding that the real conflict in the US is a class warfare, and thus the 1% vs. the 99%. What baffles me is that people are brainwashed by misinformation networks to believe that Trump and the GOP have been working forr the 99% when the exact opposite is true. And when I say exactly this on Saidit on a regular basis, others claim that I am brainwashed by the 'establishment'. The left vs. right argument actually refers to this left/support for the 99% vs. right/support only for the 1%. Look at who the GOP have benefitted while they were in power, and now look at the $6 trillion that the Biden admin wants to invest in the 99%. No, the political parties aren't the same (as the 1% want you to believe), and only one of those parties has a few members who want to support the 99%, with a jobs bill we've not seen sinte WWII. THIS is the way to support the 99%, rather than believe in the misinformation and propaganda that all government is bad, there are no solutions, there is no left/right, bla, bla, bla. What needs to happen more on Saidit is: fewer complaints that lead to no solutions, and more discussions of the potential solutions.

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              Socks won't ever adequately answer these simple questions:

              1) If the 1% is so bad then why do you support their "experts", authority, and authoritarianism?

              2) If the 1% is so bad then why do you support one half of their meager political party offerings?

              3) How can you defend the obvious corruption in the Democrats, their fake-progressives, and all large corporations, including corporate media? (I'm certain there's much more corruption we don't and won't even learn of.)

              4) Doesn't it make sense to reject rather than embrace the obvious systemic corruption of the corporatocracy?

              Lack of skepticism and blindness to their corruption makes you a dogmatic fool and/or a shill.

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              My comments do indeed implicitly answer all of those questions.

              There was a study of groups years ago who took IQ tests before watching Fox News, and sometime thereafter, took the IQ tests again, after watching Fox News. The result was that their IQ scores dropped. Read other points of view, Jason, or continue your blind support of the 1%.

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              Biden and Trump are on the same 1% team, socks. Get that through your numbed skull

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              You know that's a gross simplification. Yes, many of the same people are pulling the puppet strings, but you should look at the $6 trillian bill proposed by Biden, vs. the support for the 1% by the GOP in previous years. It seems you have absolutely no interest in looking at these obvious differences. Your simplified world doesn't exist.

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              I have seen it. I don't like either option. Do you get that? It's not a right vs left issue. It's an up or down issue. Biden is with the 1%, same as Trump, Bush, Clinton, and many others from the US and in other places around the world. The vast majority of politicians are bought out. I know this is true.

              It's not simplified because it's a lie. It's simplified to defend from lies.

              Biden and Trump are two faces of the same evil.

              Are you even American?

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              Trump and the GOP have been working forr the 99% when the exact opposite is true

              You're just making the same argument.

              Democrats haven't represented the 99% since the 90's when they and Bill Clinton got in bed with Wall St.

              Christ, it was Obama who was POTUS when Occupy Wall Street made the slogan "We are the 99%".

              So I guess your solution is to believe the Democrats represent the 99% - no thanks. They've already proved through their actions they are for big banks, international hegemony, and war.

              What needs to happen more on Saidit...

              I'm here to learn and share. How about you? Are you looking for solutions or are you actually just trying to influence a community to your way of thinking?

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              u/socks A reminder to read this twice.

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              Bill (and Dems) made too many deals with the GOP: deregulating, killing social programs, arranging private prisons. And his foreign policy was one of the reasons for the eventual 9/11 attack. Those Dems were so political that they created additional problems for the 99%.

              Obama & Dems accomplished in 8 years approximately 10% of what he was capable of accomplishing. Pissed me off.

              Since Reagan, the GOP have been devoted ONLY to the 1%, developing a system where there has been so much money in politics that there may be no return to the 'American experiment' and a real democracy.

              Thus, unless a 3rd party is wildly successful in the next elections, the ONLY option for the 99% in the US is still the Dems, warts and all. Saidittors tend to whine about oversimplified ideas of politics and government, rather than thinking pragmatically. One reason they do this is because of misinformation that they want to believe in.

              I like to ask Saiditors questions about politics, in order to see if there are any reasonable solutions envisioned on the far-right, but I've not heard any just yet.

              I am at Saidit in order to get read alternative points of view and to see if anyone on the far-right has the ability to discuss reliable solutions in politics.

              No, I have no interest in influencing anyone. A number of us here tend to be contrarians and seem to enjoy arguing, but who we are and what we want should not be important.

              That said, when a sane user joins Saidit, I try to encourage them to stay. (Most of them are gone.)

              BTW: you've not mentioned a solution. What do you think are reasonable solutions to US politics, if you don't support Dem legislators. For example - who are the politicians that you support?

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              You call perfectly sane humans insane and wonder why you get called names.

              If you and I sat down at a table, you'd be pleasantly surprised, and probably even more upset with me.

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                ^ Truth.

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                A partisan communist shill programmed to sow division. They aren't the only ones either. Their comrades include, actuallynot and sendnoodles. All division sowing partisan and big pharma shills. Best case scenario is all three are simply deluded and msm indoctrinated redditors but socks reddit comments don't support that.

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                  Reported for dragging down discussion on Pyramid Of Debate.

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                  Please don't bring down discussion with personal insults.

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                  Seems you approve of AXXA's insult. (My response is at the same level of the pyramid, not further down.

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                  It shouldn't matter who I am or who you are. If you support the GOP, you'll suffer the consequences.

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                  If you support either political party, you'll walk yourself into a shit position. You should answer Jason's questions.

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                  You know I answered them. If you don't vote, or if you vote for a Libertarian, you support the GOP.

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                  "if you don't vote"

                  Seriously, fuck you. I have the right not to vote for either aisle. You know that I do.

                  You support the 1% every time you vote. You give the whole apparatus legitimacy that it does not deserve when you take part in their co-opted events.

                  I have the right to abstain from evil. Never try and blame this mess on people who refuse to vote. Socks, you silly little raccoon.

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                  It's comments like this one that will get that "COMMIE SHILL" label firmly affixed to your crazy tinfoil hat.

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                  The problem here is that in your fantasy world, reality is both awful and 'far right propaganda'.

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                  I don't understand your point. I likes the hamburger comment, however.

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                  Sad but true.

                  Was this not shared on SaidIt before now?

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                    I tried searching for his name before posting but you know how that goes.

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                    I think it's good that it got attention. 2 weeks ago when I learned of it I was focused on getting another platform up, so I didn't comment. Now I just feel burnt out. Regardless, M7 has a few issues, but he's still 97% good on things. I wonder if the same is true for DiogenesJunior.