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I think we've seen some of that here. Thanks to u/magnora7 it has not taken root here though.

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Praise u/magnora7

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The active user base of Saidit is the size of a smallish sub, I'm sure I'm not the only one who recognizes the people posting day to day. I like it personally, you lose something when a place gets so big you end up only talking to random users constantly. It's easier to weed out the bots here.

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Well it has, but it's in lesser quantities, probably because the user base isn't that big. I just hope this site stays small.

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    They're either bots or paid shills. That's all Twitter and Reddit are: astroturf.

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    Can't voat just put up a random 1 day captia to identify the bot accounts? Purge and IP ban.

    I'm skeptical. Unless mag wants to come in and drop some stats for us, I don't think we'll be able to get it easily anywhere else. Reddit certainly won't be that transparent.

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    Facebook said so! Twitter said so! Lies Lies Lies It should come as no surprise that the truth doesn't get pushed to the top only what the tech companies want people to believe... Lies Lies Lies

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    I cannot stand social media

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    Many online sites are certainly infested with bots and shills. It's not generally proper AI, at least I wouldn't consider it so. On reddit many bots just use top comments from previous top posts and even chain responses together. Karma farming bots. The site is infested with them. r/Thesefuckingaccounts is pretty amazing at spotting them. Near Christmas especially the shills will come out in force. I've learned to be very wary of product recommendations on reddit. I think CostCo and Instapot have teams, since they get way more recommendations than they deserve. Instapot I believe has actually bought off mod teams in at least one of the food subs, I have been banned for trashing it from one sub.

    I think the article is wrong about voat though, it is just a racist shithole. Ruqqus has issues with that too. And that's also why Yahoo nixxed their comments section, and you may have noticed that many news sites have also. There is a very vocal minority who will take em over. So they either moderate it and so we see the woke comments take over it, or more easily, just remove it.

    It's multiple problems conflating together.

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    ok, time to go back to the newspapers!

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    Unfortunately that media is dead. I liked when my city had two newspapers, but when it went to just one they got sloppy and lazy. Both in their writing and in their handling of subscriptions. I tried 3 times to have a subscription and had to cancel each time due to issues. Shame, always liked physical media.

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    unfortunately it is all about click bait. The cause and effect is limiting straight edge reporters/journalist. but knowing is half the battle.

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    "I would suggest there is deliberate spoofing going on — to for instance make it seem that large numbers of people who comment are extreme racists and have zero social skills or intelligence. We have to be alert to this even on our own comment section."

    Ok this is the real conspiracy theory in this article. Who does he think is paying bots to be racist online?

    If anything, the bots are all the BLM shills.

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    Yeah, they need to apply Hanlon's razor a little.

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    The funniest thing was when Facebook faked stats which showed people clicked far more on videos than text news so newspapers and news agencies all over the world invested hugely in filmmaking and sacked their good writers so they could bring in good looking presenters for nothing.