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Frankly this issue comes from childhood so the problem started 20 to 30 years ago.

People not being able to raise a family on one income is the main problem I think. If kids don't have near constant feedback from their main caregivers for the first 2 years of life they are screwed.

This also explains why Americans are so crazy and angry compared to Europeans who had maternity leave even if they couldn't afford to stay off after that. That first year of development makes a big difference.

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People not being able to raise a family on one income is the main problem I think. If kids don't have near constant feedback from their main caregivers for the first 2 years of life they are screwed.

Yeah, or maybe not strictly "able" but "willing." The people I went to high school and college with act like a 1,600 square foot house is a cage and anything less than a 3/4-ton pickup or SUV is some kind of faggy Hello Kitty car. Granted, we're Gen X and grew up in a pretty good economy, but people's spending habits are just ridiculous.

In any case, handing the kids off all day to other people (especially the government) just doesn't work.

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Two words. Useful idiots. The entire system is predicated on the fact these people exist. It been in the works for decades, if not a century. We are in stage four of a subversion attack from (communism/globalism call it what you will) that has been decades in the making. This didn't happen overnight. Your CNN watching neighbor is at fault, no matter how "cool" he or she might be.

Culture wars, the end of stage 4. Grab your dicks and hold on, those of you not ready will suffer badly.

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Academic culture became poisoned by self-censorship and political correctness in the 80s, what we're seeing now is the second generation of this mindset.

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I think it was the invention of the smart phone as well as social media.

These two things let the idiots of the world organize and influence. People who would normally have been dismissed in the community suddenly found support from global peers that think like them. Information on how to spread and influence came with it.

Take men playing in women's sports. In the 2000s anyone who said that would have been dismissed and laughed out of the building. Now, (I believe) even though most people disagree with it, it's being pushed hard (and pushed back) and its all thanks to social media organization on a country/global level.

This scenario applies to almost all facets of society that are currently being altered. A group of people with an opinion/idea get together and force it upon everyone until it becomes the norm. (Like political lobbying, running for positions of power like School board positions that most people don't care or give a second though about, etc..) Usually little though is given to the repercussions. People who speak up are shouted down by the group which seams like a lot of people (say a million) but are really just a small minority in the scale of things (i.e. 350 Million+ people in America) But 1 voice vs this size group is no match so the individual folds.

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When the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations got it's big ideas.

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Devil runs the show when you have unregenerate sinners in charge.

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Ephesians 6:12. Mankind is running around trying to plug holes in a ship that was punctured long ago. We think fixing the ship will help, when it was always doomed. The question of how we got here is recognition that we do not only fight against flesh and blood.

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Things have been decaying since about 1920. The point of no return was around 2000.

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Lefty people that now want to leave San Francisco and other blue lefty shithole cities. Don't California my Tennessee.

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Look what they did to my boy, look what they did to my poor Arizona :(

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Fifth-generation warfare 5GW = propaganda and information warfare to accomplish strategic, operational, and tactical objectives, without measurable damage that the target can identify. Importantly in 5GW the target may not even know it has been attacked, thus the target has already lost that battle.