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Just call them anti-white, no need for calling them by their brand name that makes them sound like they're enlightened.

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They are literally anti-enlightenment.

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The enlightenment is totally irrelevant here.

Woke is a brandname that makes them sound superior to those who oppose them. It doesnt sting when you attack them on that basis, but start openly calling them anti-white and it makes people sympathetic and imbues them with moral confidence to use that phrasing themselves. At the moment people say woke because they're scared of standing up for white people, until people start calling them out as anti-white they won't be challenged effectively.

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If only we could make them publicly refer to themselves as some pretentious-and-dickish-sounding thing like "racial neomarxists" so people would realize that they're dirty commies and racists to boot

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Good point. Perhaps from here on out we should all call them racist commies, 'cuz that's what they are.