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I would say that culture is literally what we believe is right and wrong in every setting. It's that fundamental. It's not just weird clothes and food and dancing which middle class people think adds colour (???) and vibrancy.

This is why you have other cultures thinking killing their kids for honour or raping boys is all ok and no problem. They really have a completely different idea of right and wrong. This is why multiculturalism is so dangerous.

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It's everything tied into a system of values and beliefs, going into subcultures as well as just overarching culture. No one is devoid of culture, but to say that white people have no culture is odd. It's also strange and somewhat racist to assume that anyone does or doesn't have or even shares a culture simply based on race alone. White people in rural Utah share different culture than those in NYC. Black people in Louisiana share different culture than those in Leicestershire. People are embarrassingly limited on their desire to look any deeper than what they immediately notice. You're certainly right about multiculturalism being dangerous though. Trying to blend the cultures of those stuck in the mindset of their 1200AD ancestors with the unhealthy, tunnel visioned progressives with their pharmaceutically dulled utopian narrow mindsets is a mistake.