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Is that you? I'm sorry Pay Pal fucked you. I have a tiny collection of silver myself.

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Waiting for the decision sucks, but hopefully it means the judge was trying to make sure the decision was the correct legal one. I had to wait a couple of weeks when I sued a customer for non-payment. I tried to forget about it while waiting and had made my mind up to write it off as a lesson learned had I not won my case. I had another case that I didn't follow through with because the customer hid his home address through a series of shell addresses and the local court said I had to have him served at his home unless I paid a professional server. It was more expensive than it was worth to me.

I have heard countless stories of sellers getting hosed by Paypal over buyer fraud. I remember hearing about a guy sending a guitar to Germany and the buyer said the package was empty. How do you prove you mailed the product if they only take the word of the buyer?