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    I disagree. The Republicans don't generally to pander to minority groups, so they can be more honest about their biases.

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    Overall, that's a fairly good write up. It seems like with every president, we all somewhat go towards the 'fresh face', where by we cling at whatever may change this ever worsening vector that the oligarchy keeps taking us down.

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    Yup presidents are just a string of disposable fall-guys to the people in charge. Single-use scapegoats that we change out often to give the voting public the illusion of control

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    "Barak Obama was the first president to use the N-word, as a term of endearment." -Norm MacDonald

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    Is he sure it wasn't Bill Clinton? lol

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    Bill Clinton has publically stated that he reserves the use of that word for "only the most vitriolic hatred."

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    I'm just joking people used to say Bill Clinton was our first black president. Interesting quote though

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    Really? I don't recall that.

    He's got a half-black son in Little Rock..

    Fortunately, Bill Jr. has a plan to reveal the truth!

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    It was a common joke on late night shows and comedy shows.

    Here's a video of a guy talking about it:

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    I forgot about this. That's funny. (Most of the black guests weren't having that. Lol!)

    I'm terms of character, Obama is a white president (IMO).

    He was raised white, in Kansas by white grandparents. His white mom was probably CIA (or similar).
    I suspect that he was one-of-many who were being groomed for future office, and he was at the right place, at the right time.

    Bush was hated, and Billary wasnt trusted, so the white guy (who looks black) had the advantage.

    All that was left was an oath of loyalty to the banksters, and he was in.