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Some of those worldviews are more coherent than others. I'd go so far as to say it's rather lazy to not even attempt to form one, and instead rely on a vaguely agnostic, "Well, there's just not enough evidence for anyone to have any conviction at all so shrug" sort of philosophy.

It is true that people should keep an open mind and consider the fact that they believe many things that could sound just as preposterous as whatever they're railing against.

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I strongly believe humans, and the universe in general, is mostly chaos and that the great flaw of humans is that they foolishly try to force order and "explanations for everything" into said chaos as much as possible. Sure, the planets may revolve around the stars, but most of the entire universe is just dark matter and black holes.

I'm not against people having faith; whatever works to make you a better person. I'm just against hypocrisy; like a Christian trying to mock a Scientologist, or a feminist trying to mock anyone.