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Hanging is a male type of suicide so she won't do that.

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True dat. I was just using it as a figure of speech.

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I guess you just never know, but it's certainly not out of the realm of reality. This happens all the time.

Difference being, hopefully, she did something to make her money last and in her line of work can possibly land stuff down the road. Tons of "redemption" stories in Hollywood, as vomit inducing as they may be. She's in a better spot than most to last through it is all I'm saying.

At the end of the day, it's up to ones self to deal with their mental illness, albeit very improbable, and extremely hard to do.

It makes me wonder how I personally would operate had fame happened to me for whatever reason. Most likely, I'd get one job, do an interview, denounce Hollywood and say shit about Zionism after beating the shit out of the first predator to come my way, hence never working again, probably.

It's all just sad really. Weep for the weak, but use them as an example to not be. It's all you can do.

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Well, she doesn't make a very good boy either. At least as a girl, she was average in attractiveness and could've probably dressed or styled to look hotter.

Looks like she got a divorce too, so I guess her lesbian wife didn't like the transman. Who dates trans ftm, anyways? Bi? Mtf?

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I checked out her Instagram account. Ellen Page is writing a memoir called 'Pageboy.' And this is the final season of The Umbrella Academy.

Damn, look at all those crumbs on the keyboard.

I predict she's going to go back to identifying as a female and become a regular contributor on Fox News.

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It's entirely possible, likely even, that my prediction is wrong. We'll see in 2028 whether this is laughable or prescient. ;)

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You mean being a 5'1", skinny, unattractive, introverted male in today's society likely isn't going to lead to a positive and fulfilling life? Nooooooo! You're just a transphobe and bigot with all that common sense and logic talk!

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She's a short man now lol. Short men got no reason to live.

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Her career is a zombie now; it's dead but it just doesn't know it yet so it continues to lurch around. As she continues to fade into obscurity and we forget all about her whether she offs herself, or not, will be of no matter.

FWIW the only movie that she was any good in is Hard Candy, but that was more a fluke of good writing matching her qualities as an actress. Otherwise she is not especially talented. Capitalizing on the remaining goodwill left over from that role by pushing herself back into the public eye through leveraging the focus on gender ideologies was about the best move she could have made. But doing the sex change only bought her so much currency in the public eye, and that's all spent by now. Cut her tits off? Who cares.

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I'm not seeing her kill herself, but I am seeing her get housed when she tries playing dude to the wrong guy who doesn't know it's a she. She's gonna mouth off and throw a punch and some guy is going to deck her back to reality.

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Her handlers tell her what to do. She is a slave to the system. She didn't actually magically become a lesbian or trans. They are groomed as children to become what they are now. They do not have freedom. They are children sold into the Hollywood child trafficking system.

Even if she tried to leave she would not be able to leave

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Lacking substance. You could have just said "my opinion is that she just wants attention" and left it at that.