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Grind up your birth control and put it in his food, that ought to dampen his sex drive a bit

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Does he use protection?

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If you have to worry about your bf every time he's out of your sight then either you are really insecure or he's an untrustworthy bastard. Or both. Either way that's not the basis for a loving trusting relationships. You can stick around and try to make it work and then be looking at starting over when it falls apart at some point in the near or more distant future. Or you can work on your sense of self worth and/or find someone who you won't have to worry is going to cheat on you at every opportunity.

Besides most people look worse in their bathing suits then they do with their clothes on. But the few really hot chicks are generally on the hunt for rich and powerful guys, ie. not your bf.

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My advice is, stop trying to control and manipulate your boyfriend in such underhanded ways. He has a right to feel human and have human feelings like lust and desire. You have a lot of self-confidence problems to deal with, and that's where your energy should be focused right now. You might just drive him into someone else's arms by acting so overcontrolling of him.