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Currently watched episode 8 of season 1 and it's very good story telling, cinematography is great (Better even than Legion) and the action is Matrix like only more realistic and very brutal.

The story is about 8 people who get 'mentally' linked, how and why is the main story, but all 8 character have their own plot all over the world. Their indivual plotlines are not so much sci-fi (apart from the link) but about extreme social situations going on today. Kenya, India, Korea, Iceland, England, Mexico, Germany and USA are all interwoven.

I was shocked to only have found out about this series about 2 weeks ago, it's really really good, did not expect this from a Netflix production but looking at the creators and if you know their previous works you'll know it's gotta be good.

Warning: It's an adult series.

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This is a really great show. So easy to love all the characters, and just overall fun and interesting. Still have a soft spot in my heart for the Icelandic girl and her dad....