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No problem. Oil has been found much deeper than even the oldest discovered fossil (oil 40,502 feet vs fossils 22,110 feet). It would be impossible for oil to be present in deeper regions if they were solely a byproduct of fossil decay.

At the bottom is a link that strongly suggests that oil wells actually refill. Also impossible if it's a fossil byproduct.

It's a hoax that was used to create the public perception of scarcity to drive up the price of oil.

The deepest fossil ever discovered was dug up at a depth of 6700 meters (22,110 ft).
2-Billion-Year-Old Fossils Discovered In The World’s Deepest Hole

according to Bryan Nelson of the Mother Nature Network, the scientists detected microscopic plankton fossils in chunks of granite estimated to be approximately two billion years old at a depth of 6700 meters (22,110 ft) underneath the surface of the Earth.

This is the deepest that fossils were found, but they didn't stop there. They kept digging to a depth of roughly 39,370 ft.

As the scientists ventured deeper into the Earth, they found that the temperatures rose to such a level that they were physically incapable of continuing to probe further. The temperature of the hole at 12 kilometers is an astonishing 180 degrees Celsius, which earned the Kola Superdeep Borehole the sobriquet the ‘Door to Hell’. Owing to the unbearable working conditions, the project was officially terminated in 2005.

  • Crude oil is not a fossil fuel.

The deepest oil well drilled to find oil is 40,502 feet.

Visualizing The World’s Deepest Oil Well

  • Natural gas is not a fossil fuel.

Natural gas is always produced with oil, or a burned-off waste by-product.

  • Coal? I'm not sure about the origins, but it's very unlikely that it is a fossil fuel.

I'm uncertain about this, but it's less relevant. No one is going to war over coal.

The public has been thoroughly mislead about the origins of petroleum. It's not even certain that it's non-renewable.

Earth Is An Oil-Producing Machine — We're Not Running Out

Man made climate change is a hoax that is intended to control the usage of energy resources by the OILagarchs.

This is a fact.