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Reddit is really going nuts with the ban hammer. On this one, I've got no problem with people discussing suicide and being heard and understood. However I do have a problem with people encouraging suicide. Not sure if that's what was happening though. The latter is similar to inciting violence, and encouraging people to take actions that cannot be undone, based on their feelings in their darkest moments. Those feelings shouldn't be encouraged, lest the person do something they regret.

I don't want to end up like futurama where there are suicide booths everywhere and everyone is just OK with this. But I am very much for people talking freely and openly about how they feel about this world and their place in it, even if that's not a pleasant discussion. That is 100% welcome on saidit.

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Hm, the thing about the subs that have been banned lately is that it was more of a neutral stance towards suicide. It wasn't anti-suicide, but it also did not encourage people to commit suicide either. Personally, FTG was where I dwelled, and it was just mostly people hearing out each other's problems. If someone were to post that they were going to kill themselves, people in FTG wouldn't say "Don't!" but moreso probably "I'm so sorry your life has ended up this way and I hope whatever you choose that you can find peace." I hope these examples make sense; that was the gist of the suicide sphere over in Reddit. It was respecting people's decisions with utmost sympathy, not encouragement or belittling (there was no "don't do that, silly! it ALWAYS gets better, TEEHEE~" if I'm making sense here).

EDIT: When I say "it was more of a neutral stance" I'm referring to the stances the subs generally took, not the admins. It's obvious the admins are anti-suicide and anti-support since they don't give a damn if suicidal people now have nowhere to go.

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Okay that makes sense, I see no problem with that. The ban page on FTG says that they were encouraging suicide, but I'm very unsurprised to see reddit admins exaggerating so they can do as they please.

What I really don't want to see is the "Well you've thought it through and I guess you should do it since that's what you decided, huh?" type of thinking. I don't want to create a habitat for that type of open encouragement for the aforementioned reasons. But everything you said sounds fine and reasonable. I think people should have someone to talk to in their darkest hour, and not just phone hotlines that I've heard are often understaffed and the listeners are very restricted in what they can say to the point where it almost becomes unhelpful. So I can understand the need and usefulness for such a place, and I have nothing against it.

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/r/suicidenotes2 is also banned.

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