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The most recent canary says:

We have had 0 (zero) gag orders, National Security requests, FISA orders, injunctions, super-injunctions, publication bans, nor any free-speech prohibiting sanction against d3rr or magnora7, nor against any other contributor to saidit, nor against saidit, nor against any signed-in user of saidit, nor against any guest user of saidit.

We have not been contacted by the NSA, nor by the FBI, nor by the CIA, nor by the DOJ, nor by the FCC, nor by any other three-letter governmental agency, nor by any US governmental agency at all. We have not been contacted by local, county, state, or federal police. We have not been contacted by any lawyers or other law enforcement. We have not had any censorship problems with the server company that hosts saidit or the associated ISP. We have not been contacted by any foreign agencies or foreign governments. We have not been contacted by any representative of the EU, nor by any representative from any country within the EU, nor Russia, nor China, nor Israel, nor the UK, nor Canada, nor any North or South American country, nor any European, African or Asian countries.

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god I love you guys. thank you so much for making this place!!!


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