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So what you're saying is we need to try harder?

Kiiiiiiding of course

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Kiiiiiiding of course

Who's kiding?

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So how often are these supposed to be posted?

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This post is a funny tradition, M7. [Edit:] Perhaps I've not been looking in the appropriate subs, but I've never seen anything on Saidit that would be of interest to Feds or foreign governments. There was a post recently that encouraged people to break the law in several states by falsifying vaccine records, but that's perhaps not a federal concern.

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It's not funny, we take saidit users' privacy seriously, unlike some users here who admit to tracking other users' personal information.

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Good point about privacy - but I just don't know what they'd want. Even if they asked for IP numbers and login times, they'd already have access to that via your ISP, and the other stuff is visible, seems to me. I bring this up because I sometimes see people accused of being shills or feds, but would really doubt this and would be curious about anything anyone would gain by acting in either capacity on Saidit. No one seems to question this.

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It sounds like you need to get to the bottom of you ignorance rather than projecting your nonsense onto the big kids table.

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Seems a 12-year-old hacked your account. Never mind.

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Because information is valuable, and even moreso when and end goal is subversion. There are plenty of bad actors out there, and yes, even here, that thrive on user communications for not only intel but to shift public opinion in their employer's or even government's interest.

Pretending like this isn't common knowledge and dismissing it as saidit's userbase having nothing of value is a retarded take.

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I am obviously not referring to the "value" of what's discussed on Saidit. I am referring to Federal interest in Saidit, which must be nil. When I joined Saidit well over a year ago I had no opinions about the site, other than to wonder about what Redditors wrote about it ("another schizo right-wing shithole"). But now after a 14+ months of activity on the site, I naturally have a good reason to ask this question about the Canary. It never reports anything new, nor is there ANYTHING on Saidit that's useful to the Feds or to other governments. Moreover, count the number of users, and look at the website traffic ranking which hasn't changed much in well over a year. Like other users here, I'd like to see Saidit to be more active and more interesting, especially because it has real potential. When however users like you refer to a good question as "a retarded take", that is of course often the typical low POD response one gets if they aren't towing the fascist line or whatever. Certainly, corporations will track information on social sites like Saidit, but that's not at all what I am discussing. When users refer to shills or feds on Saidit, they've obviously not understood that they really don't exist here, nor can anyone explain what a shill or a fed would hope to gein by visitng Saidit.

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he's letting us know the entities he didn't mention, corporations, did contact him, for data.

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If you had, would you tell us? We have no way to verify your claims, so how do we know can believe you?

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These people... These fuckoffs ... Keep it up.

Not every soul is born dumb. Thanks for the headsup.And all the stuff you are actually doing.

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No problem.

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