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If you see anything we should add to the Canary, now is the time to mention it!

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"If you see anything we should add to the Canary, now is the time to mention it!"

Well since you asked... there is a "force" at work that is hell-bent on Censoring the net to remove news, websites, videos, discussions, "opinions" and other material that they don't like being seen or discussed in public.

These Counterfeit Crusaders operate under the pretense of "fighting hate speech", but that is a ruse: The group that is pushing this wave of Censorship has been working to undermine Free Speech on the web for decades -- by law where possible (Europe, etc), and by "other means" where necessary. Their underlying motives are purely political, and the strategies and tactics they employ are subtle, seditious and sinister.

In the US, they intend to effectively circumvent US First Amendment protections by convincing (or coercing) internet related companies into prohibiting material that they don't like people seeing, and allowing "trusted flaggers" (Censors) that they have appointed to patrol their sites, deleting "bad content" and/or banning "bad users".

Worse still, this "Censorship Cartel" already has giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, GoDaddy, PayPal, Reddit (etc) either actively participating, or poised to spring into action. All of this fully documented, and as you can read in the article below, Reddit's CEO is not only playing their game, he is hip-deep in their scheme.

These boys are playing hardball, and companies or groups that resist demands that they adopt the draconian Anti-Free-Speech policies and practices that this Cartel "recommends" quickly find themselves in trouble -- as happened with "Gab" last week: Dumped by PayPal and by their web hosting company for having the audacity to proclaim their continued commitment to Free Speech following the Philadelphia shooting tragedy.

No, Censorship Cartel is not a governmental agency, but the financial and political power they wield is awe inspiring, and they methods they are using are fiendishly clever.

Below is a link to an archived text version of a PDF that the SPLC - a "soldier arm" of the Cartel -- released last week. I suggest that you read it carefully, u/Magnora7, because if you haven't been "tapped" yet, you will be as soon as Saidit gets large enough to attract their attention.

Direct links to the websites of the groups pushing this are listed at the bottom of the linked document - and you can download the PDF itself from there if you so desire.

So yes, I think you should add this Censorship Muscle Racket to your Canary Statement, and let us know if and when you are contacted by the Censorship Cartel or their street thugs.

Finally, I'll leave you with this quote from famed journalist Walter Lippmann, nearly 100 years ago:

Thanks for creating Saidit. Stay true to your ideals, and people will soon be flocking here as the Censorship Hammer starts falling.

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Thank you for the information. I think I have had run-ins with similar groups. What should I call this group or these groups in the canary? Do they have a proper name? I see SPLC, but that sounds like just one part? Is the JIDF involved with this as well? I have had a subreddit literally stolen from me by them because they didn't like what I said and used deceitful methods to get control of it. So I am well aware of these types of groups. It's a good suggestion to add them in to the canary.

I guess I will put something like "We have not been contacted by any interest groups, censorship groups, or groups with the intent of limiting anyone's speech in any way." How does that sound?

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Thank you for the information. I think I have had run-ins with similar groups. What should I call this group or these groups in the canary? Do they have a proper name?

Yes, the organization that has concocted this Censorship scheme is called the "Anti-Defamation" League, or the "ADL".

They like to pretend that they are a benevolent "civil rights organization" dedicated to "fighting anti-Semitism, racism bigotry, and the like, but that is a false-front. In reality, they are an Unregistered Foreign Agent of the State of Israel with a long and sordid history of subversive and seditious activities. Indeed, in the 1990's they were busted by the FBI for spying on US politicians, organizations and individuals on behalf of TWO foreign governments: Israel and Apartheid South Africa -- this spying had gone on for decades.

The LA Times covered the spying case extensively, and the articles are in their archives:

For a time, this was quite the scandal for the ADL, but in the end, it was little more than an embarrassment. In spite of the reams of evidence gathered and the prosecution of their agents, the ADL itself was let of with a token financial punishment, and never even admitted any wrongdoing -- a testament to the political and financial power wielded by the ADL and its sister organizations.

I see SPLC, but that sounds like just one part?

Indeed, the ADL and the SPLC have been closely linked since the latter was founded, but the SPLC is subservient to the ADL, valuable because, unlike the ADL, the SPLC is not intrinsically linked to Jewish organizations, Israel or their interests, providing "plausible deniability".

Is the JIDF involved with this as well?

JIDF is (or was?) a real organization, but as such, it is largely irrelevant. These days, the "JIDF" term is usually used in reference to the broader internet operations of Zionists and their loyal operatives (paid and volunteer, in Israel and abroad), that have been diligently patrolling the web to promote and defend Zionist interests for decades. Many of these same people will be working (paid) as "trusted flaggers" under the new Censorship scheme being pushed by the ADL.

I have REAMS of information - internal documents, mainstream news stories and other cites that fully document the history of this Censorship Scheme by the ADL and their foreign counterparts in Europe and elsewhere. The amount of info is somewhat overwhelming, and it needs to be sorted for readability, so I don't want to dump it here.

Point me to an appropriate sub, and I'll drop the links there so that others who are interested can dig further.

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Will this be stickyed? What about legal requests from other countries?

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Yeah I can sticky it. Good idea about other countries, I'll add some parts for that. Especially for the EU.

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How about a link in the footer? All of the cool kids seem to be adding footer links.

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Good safety net!

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What is the schedule for the canaries? I mean to say, at what point do we become concerned when we haven't seen one (not that we ever expect it to happen!)

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I plan to just release them irregularly along with site updates. The longest we should go without an update is a month, so I'll try to post it more often than that.

Hopefully the omissions from the text will be the warning, but if I go several months without posting one, especially after others request it, then something is wrong.

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Please add: "We have not been contacted by any aliens, illegal, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, or otherwise."

And: "We have not been contacted. We're out of the loop. We're loopy. We're lonely. Please contact us."

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I don't understand what a canary is and why we need them. Can someone explain?

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basically they remove stuff from the list and that's how we know it happened, it's a way to indicate the status of a gag order without specifically saying it (because that would violate the gag order)

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Is this the Canary in the coal mine?

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    Nah. That adds nothing. It's easy to see if the posts were edited. People have copied the statement out in comments. Changing it after we've already got it going is not a good idea.