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Workers of the World Unite

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Default reference:

With CSS reference:

Comparing "Wiki Tools" on these pages it becomes clear there is something else going on here than I'd originally thought.

Initially I thought it would be nice to put the wiki tools in the header tab menu, beside "Hot new insightful fun top comments wiki". (It is on my todo list to mock up to show you.) I had considered the sidebox but thought it might get lost.

Since I learned how to add images to the sidebar, and now seeing how the Wiki Tools is some how connected, it seems to me to be the right place for it, say, between the submit buttons and chat box. Before I was afraid it might get lost and unnoticed in the sidebox. I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before - it won't get lost with a noticeably different coloured background. Months later I don't think it even needs to be noticed I looked at those tools months ago, and still like them around, but honestly I don't think I've ever used them.