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I never check for new subs, I just go to /s/all and read the new posts, personally.

We would like saidit to have an "auto-subscribe to new subs" option, it's on saidit's official to-do list. The /s/subscribed page is the subs whitelist page. I do wish we had a user option to blacklist subs from view, but that's also on the to-do list :)

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All great news. Glad to hear it.

These things would be nice, but there's no hurry from my end. I was just checking for new subs, and it occurred to me that I should add it to my list of surveys to draft. Then I figured, why list it, just post it.

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I check it regularly, and I would really like to autosubscribe to new subsaidits, preferably with a notification about my new subscriptions.

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I check about once a week on average, sometimes more, sometimes less.

It's fun to see what people find "important" enough to make a sub. It's also annoying to see repeats, bad name choices, and lazy lower-cased titles. I get particularly happy when I see a sub that I can actually post to, especially if it's one I've wanted for a while.