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None of the above.

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So you think /s/canada and /s/death should remain effectively moderator-less where I might be able to step in and improve the quality of SaidIt?

And you think that a third of the SaidIt subs being empty is fine?

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You can still contribute to any sub. Feel free to fill them up with stuff.

Why gain mod control of a dead sub?

Make a new one to replace the deserted sub (and make your banners), and let it fade into obscurity; similar to 4 Chan.

You should also make a sub called, "Ja Son C Ars3 We 2".

(Phonetically: yeah son see arse we too).

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Look at /s/canada now!

I've made it pretty. That's all I wanted (other than a capital "C"). You can be mod of it now if you want.

You broke my code! I didn't even know I had it.

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"The Jews killed Jesus" and "The Jews intend to enslave the goyim according to their scriptures"

I don't see how these views are any more or less valid than "Jews did 9/11". They are all racial generalizations. Romans and Jews killed Jesus, and I know one Jew who isn't trying to enslave anyone.

Being more precise is a great goal, but I don't see how it's enforceable without changing our core content policy.

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I don't agree with those statements - but there is religious foundation for them and hence are semi-defensible. Granted "they" will ignore our defenses as they see fit.

I don't know any Jews or anyone who feels it's their right to enslave anyone. That doesn't negate all the ample coverage of Jewish leaders professing their rights to enslave humanity on Know More News and elsewhere, not opinion based but actually documented leaders and people saying these things themselves in their own words. That makes it demonstrably true.

Also, I don't know any Americans in favour of any kind of slavery. Yet constitutionally, slavery is forbidden - EXCEPT in prisons. And I don't know anyone in power in the USA, yet they clearly have a huge prison industrial complex fed by a corrupt racist judicial system that is supported by the leadership. That's not even covering the Libyan slave trade they fostered nor the human trafficking most leaders overlook on purpose. And then there's slave-wages and debt-slavery... We're already slaves of one sort or another.

Being more precise is a great goal, but I don't see how it's enforceable without changing our core content policy.

Exactly. That's why I raise the issue. But how/when will it be applied?

Free speech on SaidIt currently does not include threats, weapons, drugs, or name calling.

I don't know how else to describe my concerns other than "threats to the future of SaidIt".

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there is religious foundation for them and hence are semi-defensible.

Ahh, I see where you are coming from. Imo it's still a stretch to claim that the Talmud is Jewish scripture... I think it's a secondary book that's referenced in synagogue like once a year. No doubt some minority sects/groups are heavily into it. And it's also not completely fair to assume that secular Jews give two shits or know two shits about the religious aspects.

So I'm opposed to any changes unless there's a clear and present legal risk. But having said that here's some ideas for enforcing content policies like this if you have to:

  • clarify saidit policy- racial/ethic stereotyping or generalizations is low pyramid and forbidden (3 warnings then a ban)
  • saidit alters text, "jews" is ninja edited to "(some) jews"
  • someone hands out a scarlet letter to racists so you see them less or never

Ugh I feel dirty even typing it.

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I know almost nothing about Jewish culture and the Talmud. But I've been brainwashed enough to know that anti-Semitism is bad and I never questioned that until a few years ago. (Not counting that I already knew most or many Arabs are Semites too, as I dated a Palestinian-Syrian girl in 2003-2004.) And most common folks and Jewish folks have this brainwashing too. That's why I want to avoid folks using "the Jews" generally.

I felt dirty using the worst thing I could think of for comparison. I've never said "the niggers" until I tried to make the substitute comparative point.

I completely understand the hypocrisy of this situation. Preemptively starting the Iraq War was stupid. Preemptively censoring folks on SaidIt is stupid. But the threat is demonstrably real in this case. While I still think preparation is a good thing, we can't prepare for every known and unknown potential threat.

So I'm happy you clarified that "unless there's a clear and present legal risk" there's no need to change. At least that's a clear foundation worth codifying.

While the second two points are funny, I think the first one is just okay, made a little better with my modification:

  • Clarify SaidIt policy: Racial/ethic stereotyping or generalizations, even if not used for name calling, is low pyramid and forbidden (3 warnings then a ban).

There remain problems with this. Who decides what's a stereotype and how, and which are acceptable and which offensive and why? And if a bunch of SJWs land on SaidIt will they then be able to "vote" us out for being offensive?

Again this diverts us.

I don't even care about being offended. There are no laws against offending or being offended. Yet I also like that SaidIt is a classy joint. Cutting down the chaos keeps the quality up.

On this matter I'm only concerned about the future of SaidIt, and taking precautions now about things that may haunt us.

I guess on this count I shall remain haunted by the potential of being haunted.

Meanwhile, I haven't bothered to figure out how to unblock MartinTimothy so all you suckers can deal with him while I go about SaidIt carefree (except for this haunting haunting).

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Again this diverts us.


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I think the first one is just okay, made a little better with my modification

Yeah your version is better. I've been trying to get to the heart of this thing, and I think this is how it looks. I also think this would fail to pass in a vote of saidditers. And I assume that if someone were to harass/debate you with "dirty Jew" or "another Jew", that that would be prohibited by our existing rules.

But the threat is demonstrably real in this case.

I still don't see this, but maybe we can mitigate this in other ways, like by having 'download/export my data' functionality.

Cutting down the chaos keeps the quality up.

Agreed, but hows the quality on /s/hot ?? It's alright I think. Maybe you are reading every single post still so you have a bias?

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But the threat is demonstrably real in this case.

I still don't see this, but maybe we can mitigate this in other ways, like by having 'download/export my data' functionality.

They are censoring everyone everywhere. Death by a thousand cuts. I think they're ramping up for something much much much worse and testing us as they go. And passing ridiculous laws with force and the brainwashed masses behind them.

I don't know what downloading/exporting would do.

I catch up on hot every 3 days or so with a binge but now that I've lost where I was with this crash I guess I don't have to keep up anymore as it's broken my ties and record of where I was.

The quality is good. But there are those posts. They're not problem presently and maybe never will be. I honestly wouldn't give a shit if there wasn't the great looming threat. Fools gonna fool. And the boots gonna stomp the face of humanity forever.

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This is an interesting proposal for a policy update.

Can you be more specific about which subs these statements will impact?

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These proposals are intended to be site wide in the interest of the entire SaidIt site. I didn't indicate otherwise. And obviously they need to be discussed to reach some sort of decision by the admins, consensus or not, whether they need acting upon or not.

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These ones???

"The Jews killed Jesus" and "The Jews intend to enslave the goyim according to their scriptures"

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Re-read #6 and read my response to d3rr in this thread.

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Dude. Are you pushing the censorship agenda?

Bad form... :-/

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Read the conversations.

d3rr proposed to clarify saidit policy with: "racial/ethic stereotyping or generalizations is low pyramid and forbidden"

I said it's not on target, "I'm only concerned about the future of SaidIt, and taking precautions now about things that may haunt us."

Maybe there's nothing to be done but be aware and be vigilant and ready should we actually need change.

Don't push your "agendas" and "forms" on me.

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Don't push your "agendas" and "forms" on me.

This is a hypocritical joke of a statement. This entire sub is your agenda, on the form that you painstakingly designed.

You are proposing censorship and that's a one way slippery slope. This is a plan to fail.

What are the specific actions that can be imposed by some outside agency? How have others been censored? Does that risk exist here?
Identify the risks and fix those vulnerabilities.

Free speech is a strength. Unless it is manipulated into a weakness.

I recognize that you are trying to help. However, I think that you are making the mistake by convoluding tactics and principles.

Tactic are actions to promote an outcome: Silencing voices (tactic) that are risky may increase the relative safety of this site (desired outcome but not guaranteed).

Supporting free speech is a principle. Any actions or tactics that sacrifice principled values are inherently contradictory, and should be avoided at all costs.

You may want to re-examine the proposed tactics.
Are you bolstering free speech, or are you undermining it? Are you proposing sacrificing free speech, because some agency is ambiguously threatening it's existence.

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I'm not proposing any worse censorship than is already here. If you buy/sell weapons or drugs on SaidIt you will be censored. If you debase the discussion with name calling you will be censored.

I don't care about the bad words and have no intention of censoring them. I care about the future of free speech platforms, and in particular, I care about the elevated discourse on SaidIt. If there is a threat to the future of free speech platforms then I am concerned. Maybe this can simply be resolved in part by using more accurate descriptions about "The Jews", the most powerful and threatening collective on the planet. That's why I brought it up.

I'm not suggesting anyone stop talking about that collective, on political, religious, financial, media or whatever grounds. Just use better words with accuracy, without room for confusion, misinterpretation, or potential for censorship from outside forces. NOT silence.

I've asked if I'm overreacting. d3rr said not. Is d3rr not pushing censorship in bad form too?

I'm just discussing free speech and it's defensive strategies. And maybe folks can just say "the Zionists" instead of "the Jews". If they don't know the difference then they should learn because they know enough to be dangerous but not enough to be smart.

What tactics do you propose to resolve this dilemma, if it even is a dilemma worth worrying about? Maybe all we can do is brace and be vigilant and be prepared to act when acting is actually necessary.

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What would you like to see updated in the SaidIt Policy? Feel free to discuss the following and add your own issue(s).

Here are a few to consider...

1) Use it or lose it subsaidits.

I propose: if a sub remains empty, say for a month (or your preferred time span), then the admins have the right to reclaim that sub to become the moderators of it, thereby able to delete it or run it as they see fit.

2) Be active or lose it subsaidits.

I propose: if a sub moderator remains unresponsive or inactive, say for a few months (or your preferred time span), then the admins have the right to reclaim their subs to become their moderators, able to run them as they see fit.

Reclaiming the moderation of vacant subs is one thing.

There should be further discussion on which subs to remove.

There could be further discussion on subs with few posts - an entirely different matter.

3) Batch addition of new subsaidits.

I propose: as a one time event, the admins add several specific subs to able to better classify our posts. I have been thinking on this for months now and I have narrowed it down to these topics that seem critically missing. Maybe you only think only some are good but not others. Perhaps you'd like a better title/name. Please discuss.

  • Asia, Brazil, California, CentralAmerica, EuropeanUnion, NewZealand, Russia, SaudiArabia, SouthAmerica, UK, Vietnam

  • Banksters, ClassWar, Corporatocracy, DeepState, MindControl, Monopolies, NewWorldOrder, PsyOps (ie. false flags), Technocracy

  • GreenParty, Independents, InternetParty, LibertarianParty, Piracy, PirateParty,

  • Fulfillment_WellBeing, Openness_Transparency, OpenSource, Progressivism, SharingEconomy, Solutions,

  • PoliticalAnalysis, Race, Sex, SocialEngineering, VideoEssays, WorldHistory,

(Here is my much longer list: including everything I could imagine. Some things cancel others out or are presently way to specific. For example, adding UK or MindControl would minimize any need for London, Britain, England, Wales, or Brainwashing, Hypnosis, Illusionism, MKUltra, PredictiveProgramming.)

(I'd be happy to eventually make custom banners for any/all of them that you like, though to begin I'd develop a simpler consistent design template to apply across them, temporarily or perhaps not. Don't feel any pressure to take my artwork or CSS - either way I win - either I get to make something pretty or I am not encumbered by another project. Examples: )

4) Who will be the new mods?

While I have no interest in being mod other than to beautify it with my banners and CSS, perhaps others have interest in becoming mods or co-mods of the "abandoned" subs and any of the new subs in my proposed batch-add list - or any new proposals to add to it. If this is the case speak up and discuss - or I expect the default mod will be magnora7 and/or d3rr. (M7, please turn on image thumbnails on all your subs.)

5) I propose: that the 70px wide thumbnail images be expanded to 100px thumbnail images increasing the resolution by 142.857%, in both the browsers and mobile app.

6) Dealing with potential threats to the future of SaidIt.

I propose: we discuss and start to develop policies regarding how to deal with present day activities that might become a potential threat to SaidIt in the future. If "they" want to censor our free speech the powerful will find ways - but the powers-that-be will likely first find excuses. For example, "The Jews did 9/11" is profoundly inaccurate and could be considered anti-Semitic and cause for censorship in the future. Contrastingly, "The Jews killed Jesus" and "The Jews intend to enslave the goyim according to their scriptures" are legitimate viewpoints. So limited to this example (for lack of others)... Is it fair to demand people use more precise words? Such as, "The Zionists did 9/11"? And then, of course, how would this be enforced?

To be clear, this is not about censoring thought or words, but being more precise about usage to prevent further censorship. This is not about using bad words either. "The niggers did 9/11" is also extremely inaccurate, and while "the niggers" may offend and trigger many alarms, alone those considered in the slurred identity could not censor SaidIt and are not powerfully running the banks, mainstream media, Washington, and the military. But those with real power can stomp us, now and in the future. So how much should we self-censor, monitor, and adjust ourselves?

7) I propose: that m7 and d3 pat themselves on the back for 5 minutes, then get back to saving the world.

Specific examples of empty subs:

  1. The /s/canada moderator /u/metacanada has not posted one thing yet has been here for 6 months, and has not responded to /u/JasonCarswell 's request to create banner for it and/or be co-mod to add a CSS - even if just temporarily to beautify that sub. (See also: /s/canada/comments/ero/citizens_of_canada_unite_i_asked_the_mod_of/ )

  2. Similarly the /s/death moderator /u/Diplomat has also posted one thing in the 3 months on SaidIt.

  3. On January 1, 2019 this survey of subsaidits ( ) revealed that roughly a third of the subs are heavily used, roughly a third have 1-20 posts, and roughly a third of the subsaidits were completely empty. The specific numbers have changed but not substantially.

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Also: /s/5G and /s/Geoengineering and /s/UNAgendas and /s/Vaccines would be good.

Now that I'm finally ruler of /s/canada I feel drunk with power! What minority can I crush? What stupid SJW thing can I say? How much money should I give to the Clintons for no reason at all?

Edit: Actually now that /s/canada is pretty, I feel no need to dominate it. If any other Canucks want to co-mod they can say so. I'll only bother to update the CSS unless us Canadians reach a consensus on other action.